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Whistleblower Peter Bernegger’s Detailed Allegations of Election Fraud In Wisconsin

These are very detailed allegations requiring immediate investigation.


All Tweets 12/27-28/2022.

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Text of tweets (reverse chronological order):

  • “ACTIVE registrant list bought for $12,500. ~3.45mm on the list. Ran thru my TITAN system & 432,492 flagged with an issue. A 12% issue rate. People registered to the Dollar Store in Green Bay, registered to UPS stores in Madison, MKE & on & on. Inflate rolls: bad guys first step.”
  • “Nov.8th midterms Woodall-Vogg used 9 tabulators. Same password for all 9. Same password given to the ~22 workers. When asked when last changed: YEARS AGO. Plus, 9 tabulators setup with one button and person can see real-time election results during election day. Still that way!”
  • “Morning of Nov.3rd Claire Woodall-Vogg started the count at 7am in City of MKE. She barred all observers, however, by having a big goon at the bottom of the entrance to the elevator. No observer got into the counting room until ~7:25am. Source: 3 affidavits by eyewitnesses.”
  • “VA13: These groups stole the 2018 Gov. Walker election; grassroots operatives have been organizing for many years, going back to 2012. I wonder who was president then. A fair number of the 250,000 registered illegally didn’t have to show a photo ID. Some apps signed by a computer”
  • “VA12: using taxpayers’ monies to get 250,000 registered illegally on the rolls, & still on the rolls: nonprofits Voces de la Frontera, MICAH, Sols To The Pols in partnership with Claire Woodall-Vogg of Milwaukee elections along with MKE 3 person elections board.”
  • “Guy who setup up the official PO Box on Wis. Election Commission is on the right: Lawrence Nahlik. But he also set up the secret PO Box – for Meagan Wolfe to process illegal voter reg. applications. Nahlik lives in Thailand, works for UW Madison as a systems administrator.”
  • “VA10: used to process the illegal voter registration applications. The ones she & Woodall-Vogg decided who to send to in the first place. They used the illegal form as it was much easier to process, and, no election official had to sign it. 250,000 still on the voter rolls now.”
  • “VA9: note the address bottom left-hand side of instruction sheet. It is Elections Commission, PO Box 7984 Madison, WI 53791-9935. But the Wis. Election Commission address is PO Box 7984 Madison, WI 53707-7984. Note the slight difference? Meagan Wolfe has a secret PO Box, she….”
  • “VA8: much in instruction sheet: if you have a problem don’t bother with your local election clerk (required by statute, by WIS Supreme Court rulings), call the very liberal group in Austin, TX. Civitech. Asks for Choice of Party – barred in WIS. Asks for Race – barred in WIS.”
  • “VA7: instruction sheet put in envelops with illegal applications sent to WIS households. Over 1 million mailed out, mainly Center For Voter Information in cohoots with Meagan Wolfe, Woodall-Vogg, Zapata, Sols To The Pols.”
  • “VA6: form is missing key, and required questions. No place either for the Clerk to sign off to verify.”
  • “VA5: example of illegal voter application in next tweet. Used by Meagan Wolfe, Woodall-Vogg, Zapata, Center For Voter Information, nonprofits mentioned before. It is NVRA fed form, WIS is not a NVRA state (6 are not). It is missing ~45% of mandatory questions required law.”
  • “VA4: in the end they got 250,000 registered. Mainly in MKE and Dane Counties, but across the state also. All 250,000 are illegally on the voter rolls, active, right now (unless a person died or moved). Woodall-Vogg, Zapata know who they are. They picked who the mailings went to.”
  • “VA3: they knowingly used this form & had over 1 million of them mailed out by The Center For Voter Information. Who used a UPS store address in Madison WI, with a PA bulk mailing permit, and documents inside told WIS citizens to call AustinTX if they had questions how to register”
  • “VA2: the VA used was missing key questions, required by state statutes because then it was easier to get someone to register. The form, in fact, was missing the signature box for the registrar, the election clerk, to sign to show a qualified person verified the voter beforehand.”
  • “VA1: this is big: A means “voter applications”. City of MKE, Woodall-Vogg, Zapata, Meagan Wolfe of the State Wis Election Commission, “partners” conspired to send out and register 250,000 voters – it was all illegal. The form they used was missing ~45% of the mandatory questions”
  • “The City of Green Bay also had an interactive map for its election. They too illegally harvested ballots, and by race. They used 143 “voter navigators”. I have the names, in particular of the 3 key supervisors of the 143, and pay stubs. Paid for by taxpayers but also Zuckerberg”
  • “Issue5: Trump observers NOT well trained; didn’t know what to look for. Ref: former GOP state chair Andrew Hitt training. It was bad, lacking substance. Recounts were doomed before they began. Woodall-Vogg exclaimed laughing, “I can’t believe he paid it” the high recount cost.”
  • “Issue4: Trump attorneys and Trump representatives NOT faithful to him. Directly schemed against him. Source: eyewitnesses.”
  • “Issue3: Election Day Registration forms used lacked mandatory questions: easier to register, including people up from Chicago for the day. EDR forms filled out by CTCL, by nonprofits including Sols To the Pols – a national very corrupt group. More coming on them.”
  • “Issue2: BLM infiltrated MKE elections, posing as GOP, created a ruckus & got real Rep. thrown out from observing. It was all planned. Woodall-Vogg cued the cops and used them as her personal muscle to toss people out. Numerous times, including Gableman tossed for asking questions”
  • “10 Issues at least for an investigator into City of Milwaukee elections. Issue 1: understand the MKE election commission internal processes: such as absentee definitions issues, other terminology with them changing it to confuse observers, inspectors, and attorneys.”
  • “Part B of AB: when Woodall-Vogg was asked ‘what if they ask to see the green folder’, she replied “No way in hell are we going to let them see it”. The Green Folder was her second set of books. The real election figures, including phony voter registration apps, were in it.”
  • “Part A of A-B: Clerk Woodall-Vogg held meeting before Trump recount with her staff of 8, plus some additional workers. Was tipped off a request would be made to see the applications. She didn’t have enough, and many were fraudulent (due to mandatory questions required).”
  • “Part 2 of 2: thus, some students voted in two states in the same election. Clerk Woodall-Vogg laughed about it. Kimberly Zapata processed some of these voter registration applications.”
  • “Part 1 of 2: Marquette Univ students went to City Hall MKE Election Ofc Rm 501. Stated they could not verify the tracking of ballots they mailed to their home address. So registered at Rm501 and voted in WIS. Other college kids used the same method, using WIS State Student IDs”
  • “Big day tomorrow…”
  • “No Pres. candidate can win w/ TV/radio, rallies, lawn signs, or debates. As liberals are cheating big time, inflating voter rolls, double-feeding ballots, changing the rules. Repubs go after votes: can’t win that way. Liberals illegally get ballots, they win. Stop election fraud”
  • “No Rep. presidential candidate can win Wis as the liberals are cheating. Campaigning doesn’t matter, look at Biden, Hobbs in AZ, Fetterman in PA. None of them campaigned. Why? They know the elections are rigged in their favor, so they don’t have to campaign. RNC, GOP don’t get it”
  • “Your help is needed:”
  • “Part 7: teams were employed by Woodall-Vogg in MKE from Aug 2020 thru Oct 30, 2020…but they continued to process these documents through March 2021. Many fraudulent. Trump’s attorneys missed inspecting all the docs. Robin Vos knows all this, he is sitting on the documents.”
  • “Part 6: Trump attorneys let onsite Election Board to vote NOT to allow signature match comparison. The attorneys thus allowed no matching between the absentee ballot request form to the absentee ballot envelope. The attorneys allowed two different election docs to be the same UGH”
  • “Part 5: Trump attorneys in Dane County overhead by more than one eye witness conspiring AGAINST Trump. They planned and worked against their own client. I have that lead attorney identified.”
  • “Part 4: Trump campaign and the Reps. did not push to see, observe or examine the applications for absentee ballots. Cost Trump the election in Wis because the counts didn’t match up. Claire in fact was “curing” ballots/paperwork well into March 2021. They didn’t have enough apps.”
  • “Part 3: Trump attorneys didn’t know what to look for, in Dane Cty they missed the large bags of ballots with a red marking on them being dragged behind a curtain. Green-marked bags were counted, red marked: not. Deputy Clerk said don’t worry, police behind curtain. There wasn’t.”
  • “Part 2: Trump attorneys at Wis recounts failed to see the applications. Woodall-Vogg and Madison clerk Maribeth Witzel-Behl needed more matching applications to match paper ballot count. These 2 clerks hid election documents from the attorneys. Would have exposed it all back then”
  • “At MKE & Dane Cty recounts: Trump attorneys not faithful to President Trump. They failed to see the fraud sitting right before their eyes at the recounts. It was not the vote counts, but 1) matching of all paperwork, 2) quality of the ballots, i.e. tens of thousands were fraud.”
  • “Milwaukee e lection fraud: Woodall-Vogg, Kimberly Zapata, Jonathan Zuniga, Sonia Maldonado, Phylis in warehouse, Stephanie in warehouse, Debbie ofc receptionist, Michael Lawrence letter scammer, Mark Spizter-Rubenstein, 3 MKE election commissioners, Robin Vos, Neal Albrect, Omar“
  • “Map of Rm 501 City Hall of MKE. All these people in this room knew full well of all the e lection frauds by Claire Woodall-Vogg. And, the 3 election board commissioners also knew (city has its own election board in addition to the Wis. Election Commission). They all participated.”
  • “Here is Robin Vos directly lying to the crowd, attempting to say everyone who gets an absentee ballot must show a photo ID. Vos knows Claire Woodall-Vogg in Milwaukee gave out tens of thousands of absentee ballots without requiring a photo ID. Vos has the documents proving it.”
  • “Michael Lawrence cheating scam by him, Woodall-Vogg, Kimberly Zapata, Jonathan Zuniga, Neal Albrecht. The Ward Chiefs were told if person has a copy of this letter they were to be given a ballot. No questions asked. No ID or other resident document needed. Thousands given out.”
  • “ES&S ballot on demand machine used (2 of them) to print the ballots in the back conference room, of Room 501: Claire Woodall-Vogg’s office in MKE city hall.”
  • “In the sworn deposition I took of Woodall-Vogg she stated 60,000 people walked into her office and obtained an absentee ballot. Obtained for “in-person absentee voting” was her testimony. My comment: not believable.”
  • “Robin Vos knows about the encrypted Wisconsin Voter ID numbers – why didn’t he tell the public? Why didn’t he investigate?”
  • “64,211 encrypted voter ID numbers. Location: Milwaukee. Why? Who did this? I have the whole list.”
  • “City of Milwaukee election Clerk Claire Woodall-Vogg is using keylogger software on her employees and temps; you know, the people who work our elections. She is spying on her staff, on the election workers.”
  • “Claire Woodall-Vogg knows when an absentee ballot comes in if the person is a Republican or a Democrat.”
  • “Robin Vos is committing felony crimes by charging Repub State Reps. $10,000 each year. I have the documents, along with the 990’s. If a Rep does not pay, the Rep is denied a committee Chair, put in a closet of an office with 1970’s furniture. It is a pay to play fraudulent scheme.”
  • “RACC fee charged by Robin Vos to State Republican Reps.”
  • “Robin Vos joined with the MKE city elections commission board (they have their own, in addition to WEC) and voted to accept the definition of “Application” same as the absentee envelope. The envelope is not an application. Claire with Vos cheated by changing the meaning”
  • “One person was alone in a room with Robin Vos. The person asked Vos to look into the e lection fraud. Vos replied, “I don’t f***ing care”.”
  • “Robin Vos knows ALL I tweeted so far, and more. He has the inside MKE City Hall documents. Massive e lection fraud & Vos has been sitting on it. A person who can confirm this fact: Gableman. Vos knew of these e lection frauds for a long time- and he has hidden it from the public.”
  • “Favorite trick of Claire Woodall-Vogg, Milwaukee elections clerk, is change the wording of processes, documents, definitions. Classic liberal trick: change the terminology. Or change the words themselves. All to create confusion. Claire made up her own rules. Next: Robin Vos”
  • “The election fraud that took place in the city of Milwaukee, and county, directly involved Sols To The Pols, MICAH, The Elections Group, CTCL, Brennan Center and 13 other “partners”. These groups, together with Claire Woodall-Vogg and her team, stole the WIS election in 2020.”
  • “The Officers stated Woodall-Vogg put on an act of being distressed – it was just that: an act. On the USB Zapata gave Vogg where counts of ballots fed through tabulators twice. Vogg looked for low turnout Wards. She fed those ballots through twice. Source: eye witness.”
  • “Woodall-Vogg didn’t “misplace” the USB stick ~3:30am Nov.4th. She removed Trump votes from it & added Biden votes. She made up a story to the 2 police officers, who drove her back for the USB – Zapata handed her a different USB. Squad car 554 Officers shook up, they went to FBI.”
  • “Claire Woodall-Vogg, Kimberly Zapata, Jonathan Zuniga, Michael Lawerence, Neal Albrecht, private citizen Omar Sheikh colluded to print ballots, plucking names\addresses from the WisVote list of registrants – voting for people without their knowledge. Right in Milwaukee City Hall.”
  • “Claire Woodall-Vogg, Omar Sheikh, Kimberly Zapata took the ballots they printed in the back conference room to the 4th and 6th floors of Milwaukee City Hall. Teams of CTCL and others filled out the documents so the counts matched.”
  • “City of Milwaukee’s election clerk, Claire Woodall-Vogg, printed ballots in her back conference room of city hall. She and her team did so for 3 wks leading up to the Nov 3rd election. Omar Sheikh, a private citizen from Chicago, was present in the room.”


Shared by Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own.

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