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Do not allow the fraudulent fake news to misrepresent the Twitter files.

Exhibit A:

The Twitter files show that the FBI likely paid a company (likely Babel X) and used the data to have their analysts track users and send reports to Twitter to have them censored.

If Twitter didn’t act, the FBI questioned them.

The FBI (and DHS and intelligence community sources writ large) also told Twitter to expect Russian election interference without evidence of seeing any.

In addition, Twitter’s head lawyer (hired from the FBI) squashed the Hunter Biden story in October 2020, obviously hiding a vital piece of information just before the presidential election to help the Democrats.

The story is not about Twitter. It is about the FBI and the private companies that buy user data in bulk, aggregate them, add AI and use them for political ends instead of law enforcement.

Slate is part of the corrupt fake news that has extremely educated journalists on staff but misrepresents the story.

Law enforcement needs the software to catch traffickers and terrorists but instead they use it to intimidate everyone.

They can track every single person, their friends and followers, their location, etc.

Now the software can be used for predictive modeling, meaning that soon if you want to open a bank account or get a job, the company is going to get a score about you. Even if you never did anything wrong in your life, they can act against you and you would never know why.

Even if the FBI doesn’t use it, and even if their contractor doesn’t sell licenses for nefarious uses, someone will get access to the surveillance data and sell it, because criminals and unethical people do things like that.

That is the horrible situation we are in.

And that is why we have to speak up about it.

Otherwise we are all in jail for life.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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