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The Twitter Files, Collected

Part 1. “The Twitter Files”

by Matt Taibbi

Part 2: “Twitter’s Secret Blacklists”

By Bari Weiss

Part 3. “The Removal of Donald Trump”

By Matt Taibbi

Part 4. The Removal of Donald Trump, January 7

By Michael Shellenberger

Part 5. The Removal of Trump from Twitter

By Bari Weiss

Part 6. “Twitter, the FBI Subsidiary”

By Matt Taibbi

Twitter Files #6b (Supplemental)

Part 7. The FBI & the Hunter Biden Laptop

Part 8: “How Twitter Quietly Aided the Pentagon’s Covert Online PsyOp Campaign”

Download All Twitter Files So Far, Combined (#1-8)

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Threads collected by Dr. Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the respective authors’ own.

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