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I Have A Cracked Tooth

Free photo via Pexels

We got these gourmet almonds and I loved them so much that I had them for a snack every night for a week.

Then finally I read the warning on the bag that said to be careful.

Too late for me. I bit down on some crunchy lettuce and went — “uh oh.”

This isn’t the first time I had a run-in with almonds. Last time it was a molar on the other side.

This is the small type of everyday issue I have been trying to ignore for the better part of the last 7 years or so. I’d rather be blogging, I’d rather be fighting for the future of our country.

When I started working in DC in 2016 it marked a shift in my writing life. Being so close to the White House during the beginning of the civil war (can we admit that yet or not? Still no?) it affected my psyche.

But it started earlier. A year before, I had been to a meeting at the White House for my job. Not sure how it came up, but I volunteered to my boss that I had never demonstrated for any cause, because my father told me the FBI took pictures and wouldn’t let me go. He said that protesting was fundamental to being an American.

Soon thereafter, encouraged, I demonstrated against the Obama Iran nuclear deal, on the same day that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke to Congress.

I’d tried for many years to educate myself but never felt it was enough. Rabbinic child sexual abuse and the coverup of same shocked me. Then the killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata in 2010, again followed by media suppression of the story.

Voat, FBIAnon, Q, Pizzagate.

Tweeting, getting throttled watching my Internet go out when I would write something especially sensitive. Writing on Medium. Getting censored off of both. Turning to LinkedIn. Censored there too.

Remember Sarah Ruth Ashcraft before they took her? Remember NSA_QIL’s AMA? All the accounts flooding the airwaves with truth. They couldn’t keep up with them all.

I will look back the rest of my life on how hard I worked to be a part of the movement aimed at defending our country against a silent, tiny and very weird band of cultist extremists.

There are stories from this time that are literally inexplicable. The guy from Lift the Veil showing up at the Pizzagate rally at the same time as David Seaman, and I wonder to this day if it was James Alefantis there on his bike. The Ben Szemkus story about meeting Stormy Daniels (and James Alefantis) at a NXIVM mixer; “Tanster” interviewing him; the lie detector test.

Anyway. I can’t bite down on the right side of my mouth.

I have decided to stop doing this research about a hundred times, and then I wake up in the morning and some other crazy thing has happened. An entire year of Ukraine…just to name one.

This space will be whatever it will be. The posts aren’t meant to be permanent here. Enjoy them, use them, share briefly, then you can search the archives to find them later on.

Before I go. The things you and I have learned these past few years….the media has dismissed them out of hand as “baseless” and crazy. Meanwhile they’ve pushed a series of stories that were patently false and intended to stir up controversy.

A lot of us have been stigmatized for seeking truth and seeing truth. Unfortunately, it seems, the reality is even worse than we can ever imagine.

But we have to fix our teeth.

Don’t worry about Trump. It has to look bad, and this is not some line I am pushing, but we know that Messianic times will be an era of utterly messed up justice.

Meanwhile I have deleted most of my social media accounts, because they’re distracting and unhelpful and it’s time to really focus, recover, and collect my thoughts.

Hope you are all well.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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