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A Crazy Theory About Fuentes

Obviously Jewish people aren’t running whatever scam this is. A lot of people on Twitter think Fuentes is a C-A agent deployed to make Trump look bad. Maybe Ye is acting crazy to play along and catch Fuentes—the FBI already seized one of his bank accounts after he got a mysterious crypto donation. #psyops

I’ve been wondering why Trump does not forcefully condemn Nicholas Fuentes or even mention him by name. Here is one possible theory which suggests that he is working as an informant for the FBI, against the CIA which has been funding right-wing extremists using crypto, including Fuentes.

1985: Murder of CIA Financier Nick Deak By MKULTRA Victim

“Nearly 30 years after a former CIA money changer was murdered by a homeless bag lady, new details have emerged that suggest he may actually have been assassinated.

“Nicholas L. Deak was nicknamed the ‘James Bond of money,’ for his suave, confident air and his central role in the ‘black ops’ world of clandestine CIA operations from World War II until the 1980s.

“Following the war, the CIA helped him found Deak-Perera as a front company to help it move money around the world, funding armed coups and friendly regimes, all while insulating the US government.

“Deak, a Ph.D. economist, also built it into a legitimate bank….

“… reports that the death came as Deak was under investigation for money laundering, and felt that the CIA – who had once celebrated him – had turned against him.

“….She [shooter Lois Lang] also reportedly had connections to one, possibly two psychologists who were conducting CIA-sponsored research into mind control techniques.”

1991: CIA, Iran-Contra, BCCI

“Published reports in July told of evidence that the agency had used B.C.C.I. to make payoffs abroad, and that the bank had been used as part of the C.I.A.’s secret program to support anti-Communist guerrillas in Afghanistan. The agency has also been accused of using the bank as a conduit in the sale of arms to Iran and the diversion of money to the Nicaraguan contras, and of thwarting Government investigations of B.C.C.I.”

2022: FTX-Ukraine Democrat Laundering Link Called “Baseless”

The recent collapse of crypto exchange FTX, coupled with the fact that its founder was the Democrats’ second largest donor and partnered with Ukraine to provide banking services, led to widespread suspicion that the company had served as a money laundering machine. Here is a lawsuit filed in 2019 that mentions money laundering among other crimes. The case was voluntarily dismissed but provides a foretaste of the disastrous collapse that occurred in November of this year. (Download complaint.)

The media has been quick to dismiss concerns about Ukraine-Democrat money laundering by FTX as “baseless.”

2022: USG Funding Myanmar and Syria Rebels With Crypto?

“The US Government’s history of backing of al-qaeda linked Sunni rebel groups in Syria has always been vexing and complicated. Remember the infamous Wikileaks-released email in which Hillary Clinton acknowledged Al-Qaeda is on our side in Syria? If only there were a mechanism to quietly launder money to these US backed groups with deniability!”

Revolver News, however, hypothesizes that crypto “stablecoin” Tether is used by the U.S. government to finance operations such as backing the rebels in Myanmar and Syria (the latter are “affiliated” with al-Qaeda).

  • The article pointed to a 2021 Al Jazeera article noting that the Myanmar “shadow government” adopted Tether as its “official currency.”
  • The jihadists in Syria have moved to Tether also.

Tether’s actual books cannot withstand close scrutiny, notes Revolver, but the militants would rely on the fact that its deliverer is none other than officials within the U.S. government.

Dec. 8, 2020: Massive Donation of 250,000 BTC to Nick Fuentes

More to Bitchute, Patrick Casey, Vincent Reynourard, the Daily Stormer,, VDARE,, Gab, Ethan Ralph, MR. OBVIOUS, Vincent Canfield, The Unz Review, amren, and several other unknown or unidentified parties.

  • reported: “A foreign account transferred half a million in Bitcoin to those who took part in the capitol [sic] riot last week.”
  • Nick Fuentes received the vast majority of the money. See graphic from Chainalysis. “The December 8 donation of over $250,000 worth of Bitcoin is by far the largest cryptocurrency donation Fuentes has ever received.”
  • The donor, supposedly from France, was an “extremist” “French computer programmer” who committed suicide after making the donations. His suicide note lamented “the decline of Western civilization.” (See screenshot clip.)
  • Other recipients: Bitchute, Patrick Casey, Vincent Reynourard, the Daily Stormer,, VDARE,, Gab, Ethan Ralph, MR. OBVIOUS, Vincent Canfield, The Unz Review, amren, and several other unknown or unidentified parties.
  • “While there’s no evidence yet that Fuentes entered the Capitol — in fact, he explicitly denies entering the building — he was present at the initial rally and seen outside the Capitol as the rioting began. Fuentes promoted the rally that preceded the violence in the month before on social media. PBS notes that in the days leading up, Fuentes encouraged his audience to engage in extreme behavior to prevent Joe Biden’s election from being certified, even implying that they should kill state legislators.”

“’Why, because we had no leverage, what are we going to do? What can you and I do to a state legislator, besides kill them?’ Fuentes told his DLive audience on Monday night.

Fuentes of course swiftly self-corrected: “I’m not advising that, but…”

  • The FBI took ownership of Fuentes’ bank account in April 2021.

“I don’t like to brag or anything, but if you knew how much money they took — do you know how much I f— hate the government because I woke up and one of my checking accounts — one of my checking accounts, which has lots and lots and lots of money in it, had zero dollars,” Fuentes told his followers. ‘So, when people accuse me of being a fed, it’s like, ‘You have no idea what I have been put through.” It’s not clear exactly how much money was withdrawn from Fuentes’ account, but he said it was in the six-figures range…..Squires says Fuentes is becoming increasingly open about the FBI investigation.” (

Chainalysis: “The data shows that domestic extremists have been receiving a steady stream of cryptocurrency donations since 2016.”

Who is making all these donations?

Has Nick Fuentes been indirectly funded by the CIA, only to have the FBI take back the money?

Is it relevant that President Trump has been an FBI informant since 1981?

Is Ye acting “crazy” in order to get close to Fuentes, so as to tape-record all his conversations, to provide them to the FBI?

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By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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