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Frankists, Satanism, Hitler, Genocide, Ukraine

Note: The Sabbatians were the precursors to the Frankists. The terms can be thought of interchangeably.

“When I traveled from Ivani to Lvov through Podhajce, many gathered to go with me. I told them that I am going to change my religion, and I attracted many to follow me. When you hear that I have become the master of these people who go after me, and that the entire world gives me honor, you will know that the Satan – and not the true god – leads us.”

Satanist Jacob Frank,

Ukraine used to include Galicia and Podolia where the evil Jacob Frank spread sexual immorality in the Jewish community along with an ideology of secret sin.

This is their sick theology–to sin in the name of saving the world:

“As long as the last divine sparks (nitzotzot) of holiness and good which fell at the time of Adam’s primordial sin into the impure realm of the kelipot (the hylic forces of evil whose hold in the world is particularly strong among the Gentiles) have not been gathered back again to their source—so the explanation ran—the process of redemption is incomplete. It is therefore left to the Redeemer, the holiest of men, to accomplish what not even the most righteous souls in the past have been able to do: to descend through the gates of impurity into the realm of the kelipot and to rescue the divine sparks still imprisoned there. As soon as this task is performed the Kingdom of Evil will collapse of itself, for its existence is made possible only by the divine sparks in its midst.”

Gershom Scholem, “The Holiness of Sin,” Commentary Magazine, 1971

The Chabad-Lubavitch movement, in contrast, “rescues the divine sparks” by reaching out to irreligious Jews and promoting the observance of the Jewish commandments. To non-Jewish people they promote faith in God and the essential laws of universal morality (what is known as the Noahide Commandments).

The level of damage Jacob Frank did was inestimable.

The holy Besht (Rabbi Israel Ben Eliezer aka “Master of the Good Name” or in Hebrew “Ba’al Shem Tov”) z”l reportedly died of grief knowing that the Frankists had (fraudulently) converted to Christianity, never to return. Spiritually, the Besht blamed the rabbinic establishment of the time (“lies of their own.”) It is not clear exactly what those lies were. The authors of In Praise of the Ba’al Shem Tov (1970), Dan Ben-Amos and Jerome Mintz, write: “Unfortunately we could not clarify the meaning of these sentences to our satisfaction. The ‘false introductions’ which are mentioned in the text may refer to introductions to books which the rabbis gave to new authors.” (p. 55, note)

Rabbi Yaakov Emden published a famous letter exhorting the Jewish people to understand the important role that Christians play in the world, and to focus on the true spiritual enemy, the Satanism of the Sabbatians and all who followed them (including Jacob Frank and the Frankists).

The Sabbatians preached that sin itself was holy.

Yet the rabbis blamed Emden for surfacing the apostasy of the Sabbatians so vigorously. They were afraid it would cause excessive scrutiny of the Jewish community, a community which was powerless against the laws, edicts, pogroms and day-to-day attacks that could be levied against them.

Make no mistake: Today the greatest spiritual force in the world consists of believers in God. Religion is of course important, but it should not isolate us from one another, and it should not restrict us from telling the truth about evil.

Scholem stated that Sabbatian literature and records were destroyed both by the rabbis (to stamp it out) and by the followers themselves (to avoid discovery).

“As long as Sabbatianism remained a vital force within the Jewish ghetto, threatening to undermine the very existence of rabbinic Judaism, its opponents labored ceaselessly to root it out and systematically destroyed whatever of its writings came into their possession, “including [even] the sacred names of God [azkarot] which they contain,” as the bans upon them read. As a result many of their writings were lost without a trace, and had it been left solely up to the rabbinical authorities nothing would have come down to us at all except for certain tendentiously chosen fragments quoted in anti-Sabbatian polemics. In addition, although an extensive religious literature was still to be found in the hands of Frankists in Moravia and Bohemia at the beginning of the 19th century, the children and grandchildren of these ‘believers’ in Prague and other Jewish centers themselves attempted to obliterate every shred of evidence bearing on their ancestors’ beliefs and practices.”

“…One must therefore bear in mind in dealing with the history of Sabbatianism that powerful interests and emotions have often been at stake. Each for reasons of his own, all those who have written on the subject in the past shared one belief: the less importance attributed to the Sabbatian movement, the better.”

Gershom Scholem, “The Holiness of Sin,” Commentary Magazine, 1971

Moreover, argues Scholem, Sabbatianism continued as a significant force associated with Jews and Judaism even “once its original religious impulse was exhausted.”

The “religious” (really, anti-religious) idea is that desecrating the Torah is the same thing as fulfilling the Torah because the “messiah” who rides through the ultimate of evil will cause evil to collapse. This is horrifyingly wrong.

The post-religious idea is secular faithlessness. In the “Haskalah,” which is directly associated with Zionism, and in Reform Judaism, the idea was promoted that man must act where God does not, to “speed up” desirable results in a manner dictated by one’s own conscience.

I do not read Hebrew fluently, but here is a sample source on this topic.

For English readers, see these books by Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman, may his memory be for a blessing. The Jewish “establishment” being mostly secular, they marginalized him (his words were an indictment of their beliefs and practices), but he lays out his research clearly.

The context for all this is that the false messianic movement of Sabbatianism arose in the aftermath of tragedy–the Khmelnitsky Massacre of the 1600s in Ukraine, which brutally devastated the Jewish community.

Barry Chamish wrote, in 2002:

“Rabbi Antelman traces the treachery from within. He begins with Judaism’s false messiah of the seventeenth century, Shabbetai Tzvi. He had convinced, perhaps, half of world Jewry that he was the true messiah and a vast Sabbatian movement promoted his messianic ambitions. However, the Ottoman Turks had a different view of him, and on threat of execution, successfully persuaded him to recant.

“As far as most Jews are concerned, that was the end of the Sabbatian phenomenon. But Rabbi Antelman proves that his most ardent followers in Turkey have kept his movement alive through the centuries, with great help the next century from one Jacob Frank, who reintroduced Sabbatianism to Europe, and by this route to America and Israel. Rabbi Antelman refers to today’s believers as “satanic Sabbatian Frankists.”

“Satanistic, because Rabbi Antelman charges that Shabbetai Tzvi promoted an anti-Judaism, an image in reverse of G-d’s intended religion. So, while, true Judaism’s aim is the survival of His people, Sabbatianism’s goal is the elimination of Judaism. This explanation does much to increase our understanding of a characteristic unique to one people, Jewish self-hatred, or the desire to destroy your own flesh and blood.

“But according to Rabbi Antelman, Tzvi’s followers took his perverse thinking much farther than he ever dared.”

The YIVO Jewish Encyclopedia claims that the religious aspect of Frankism died out and left in its place a kind of secret “mutual aid association,” which is in itself disturbing.

Although there is evidence that the Frankists as a distinct social group existed at least until the 1880s, it is very unlikely that Frank’s doctrine was still taught in its original form. In nineteenth-century Warsaw, Frankism became a kind of a mutual aid association, in which the connections initially established within the sect were used to facilitate business enterprises.”

However, there is evidence that the “religious” aspect of Frankism persisted.

See for example this biography of “James Moran,” grandson of Jacob Frank, who was “trained as a Frankist Rebbe” and “led a group of Frankists in Liverpool” (UK).

These people had both Jewish and non-Jewish names, and their doctrine is/was secrecy. It is impossible to know who they are.

Here is another example: “Pinchas (Patrick) Brennan (BReNaN),” who “was influenced by the Frankists and married into an Irish Frankist family descended from Jacob Frank and may have influenced other members of his family….went to Western Australia on the ‘Hashemy’ on 24 October 1850.”

Here is a third: Edward (Efraim) Zaslavski (Lavin). “His father’s family were part of the second influx of Frankists (Jews who became Catholics) from the Hasidic families that arrived in Ireland beginning in the 1790’s while his mother’s family was from the first influx of Frankists into Ireland in the 1760’s. His Jewish name Efraim Zaslavsky (Zaslovski) was Irishified to Edward Lavin. He was a farmer near Instioge in County Kilkenny.”

This begs the question of who was Hitler, may his name be blotted out for eternity.

Keep in mind that the Frankists hated Jews with a vengeance and actively plotted their destruction.

Hitler’s ideas did not originate from Jewish sources.

In To Eliminate the Opiate Volume 2, Rabbi Antelman writes that Hitler was urged to genocide by a Roman Catholic theologian, inspired by the Sultan of Turkey’s massacre of Christians, and empowered by Lenin’s “Great Purge” of 8-10 million peasant farmers.

Hitler himself was not a Jew (his maternal lineage was not Jewish). However, writes Rabbi Antelman, he was the product of a Sabbatian (occultist) ritual involving “incest and adultery” in which his mother participated with an unnamed man. The night was Tisha B’Av, a night of mourning, which the evil Frankists reversed into an orgy.

Hitler’s demented mind was clearly influenced by Sabbatians–Jews who hate the Jewish religion an who can only realize the fulfillment of their nihilistic (“turn the word evil”) goal through the complete extermination of religious Jews and Judaism.

In particular, Hitler was close with his “astrologer,” Erik J. Hanussen, real name Hershmann Chaim Steinschneider.

They called Hanussen “Hitler’s Jewish Psychic.”

He was indeed from a town known as a “hotbed of the Sabbatian heresy.”

His claim to fame was the very thing that got him assassinated:

“Predicting the Reichstag fire, a decisive event that allowed recently appointed Chancellor of Germany Adolf Hitler to seize absolute power in 1933, was Hanussen’s most famous feat of clairvoyance. It also was possibly a miscalculated use of inside information that led to his death shortly thereafter.

“Hanussen was assassinated on March 25, 1933, probably by a group of SA men, and was hastily buried in a field on the outskirts of Berlin, near Stahnsdorf. He was potential competition to Hermann Göring and Joseph Goebbels for the attention of their Führer, which may also have led to his murder. Hanussen’s body was discovered over a month later. There are unsubstantiated claims that he may have been involved in the Reichstag fire, hypnotizing and directing Marinus van der Lubbe, the convicted arsonist, to commit the act.”

Hitler did not plan to stop at killing Jews, “mental defectives,” gay people, Gypsies, and so on. The Nazi plan included the depopulation of “undesirable people.”

Today, in 2022, Canada has just past “euthanasia” laws that will allow mentally ill people to be put to death.

We are now finding out that the Covid vaccine is not what we were sold initially. Because free discussion and debate has been suppressed, one can only say that there are many unexplained deaths and miscarriages.

There are many questions about the now-collapsed FTX crypto fund and the use of its funding for research that discredited Ivermectin.

Covid-19: 6.63 million deaths as of November 23, 2022

“The suppression of Ivermectin as an early treatment protocol for Covid was largely reliant on research funded by none other than FTX.”

“The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) filed its motion and amicus brief Thursday evening with the federal district court in Galveston urging it to allow the lawsuit to proceed against the FDA for its misleading statements against ivermectin. In Apter v. HHS, a group of physicians sued to hold the Food and Drug Administration, a federal agency within the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), accountable for its interference with physicians’ ability to treat Covid-19.”

There are questions about the role of the CIA in helping money to flow to Ukraine as FTX partnered with the government of Ukraine to enable the transfer of donations.

The Sabbateans and their ilk have not disappeared.

Actual believers in the Jewish faith are the target of this criminal syndicate, which–to add insult to injury–often professes to speak in our name.

The man who took over the mantle of Sabbatai Zevi, Jacob Frank, openly proclaimed himself a Satanist seeking to turn other Jews into Satanists.

The center of his activity was Ukraine, where Russian President Vladimir Putin today has declared a war on Satanism as he expressly declares his intent to “de-Nazify” the country as the “fake news” claims this cannot be possible since President Zelensky is Jewish and “lost family in the Holocaust.”

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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