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LinkedIn Is Acting As A Publisher Through Censorship

This is the article they censored, by the journalist Eva Bartlett.

It is not the job of LinkedIn to decide that the work of a journalist is “disinformation,” unless they wish to lose their Section 230 immunity and become a publisher.

As my readers know, I have been harassed on LinkedIn for posting content related to Ukraine.

If you stand up against the puppet regime in Ukraine, they call it “disinformation,” or “bullying and harassment.”

LinkedIn is a particularly important environment for professional because directly affects one’s capacity to find work — e.g., one’s income.

Another pet peeve of LinkedIn is the Covid regime.

If you tell the truth about Covid, they call it “disinformation.”

One might argue that LinkedIn is a professional networking platform and news doesn’t belong there. However, LinkedIn actively promotes news information, which is why a lack of balance is so obvious and troubling.

Consider how many people have “died suddenly” (!) as a result of the false information being intentionally amplified on social media networks like LinkedIn.

Fortunately, LinkedIn and the other social media platforms hiding behind Section 230 will soon be standing under the scrutiny of the Supreme Court.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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