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Surprise, Surprise: Cokehead Zelenskyy “Moving On” Now That Midterms Are Over

“Zelensky says the Ukrainian side is ready for ‘peace’ during trip to Kherson ‘We are ready for peace, peace for our entire country,’” Reuters quoted him as saying.

Monday, November 14, 2022: Right on cue, just as speculated: Now that FTX has gone belly-up after funneling crypto “donations” to Ukraine and bankrolling Democrats for the midterms (no connection there of course)…Zelenskyy talks peace.

Zelenskyy rubs his nose or wrinkles it multiple times over the course of this clip, as we have seen him do previously. There is widespread speculation, based on publicly available video, that Zelenskyy is actually addicted to cocaine.

“We are moving on. We are ready for peace, but peace for our entire country.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy 11/14/2022

These are the words of capitulation, not battle.

“We are only interested in the de-occupation of our country and our territories. Therefore, I don’t know what will happen next, but it will happen.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy 11/14/2022

Zelenskyy’s statement is couched in doublespeak, of course, as a declaration of victory in Kherson and a commitment to continue fighting “the enemy.”

“”No one gives anything away so easily. The price of this war is high. People were wounded, a large number of people died. Therefore (Russian troops – ed.) retreated or fled – we believe that they fled because our army surrounded the enemy, and they were in danger. There were fierce battles, and the result is that today we are in the Kherson region.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy 11/14/2022

Again there is widespread, common-sense speculation that Russia’s evacuation of Kherson is a trap and not a loss.

This is the horror show that the Establishment creates…dispossessing millions of people while claiming to fight for their freedom…only for the sake of an election at home…only to avoid being prosecuted for their crimes once Biden is impeached.

But I can’t tell you that on Elon Musk’s Twitter, or LinkedIn, because I am censored from sharing my research there, on Twitter since I documented the truth about political operatives masking themselves as Trump supporters on January 6, and from LinkedIn since yesterday, when I reported on the chain of events strongly suggesting money-laundering in Ukraine.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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