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Ukraine Is A Racket

“Old Friend,

“Ukraine is a shell company.

“Boards buy out all of the assets and financial worth, and the country is floated international loans that are then put under deferred payment structures.

“This way the country can serve as a laundering structure for several years, under its current admin; which will have been carefully installed beforehand to keep operations running smoothly (zelenskyy, and the maiden revolution in this case). At the end of this and during the reconstruction projects, the government collapses by design under funding issues and defaulting on payments it could never make to begin with, and then it is cannibalized by those same foreign powers.

“The investment boards themselves even offer ‘pro bono’ advice to the country’s leader on how to run things.

“These investment groups, also happen to own and are made up of the US think tanks and politicians across the sea that are enriching their bottom line through the constant stream of war.

“The politicians are just the puppets, talking heads. In Biden’s case they engaged in a lot of money laundering that eventually traces back to china. but Ukraine and russia were used as an intermediaries.

“At any rate.

“Laundering. All money laundering.

“We could get into how the US contracts taxpayer money into Defense Contractors like Lockheed, Northrop, etc and then they use Unicor, the US slave labor prison program. and we could go deeper on mandatory minimums and the need for cheap labor.

“We can talk about the rabbit hole all day.

“At the end of it all, war is a racket, and the cost in innocent life unimaginable.”

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