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This is a comment on Veronica Swift’s important article “Shorts: I wasn’t expecting this.”

1. Jewish belief that “Armilus” (the antichrist) is the son of Satan.

2. From the link: Ephraimite Messiah – the first Messiah – who brings world peace. It could be President Trump, who is descended from Scotland, land of the hidden Ephraimite Jews.

3. The notion that aliens are actually demons makes a lot of sense. They logically would serve Satan in this scenario and would consider themselves a superior race to humanity. In that context, the goal is to enslave us and cull the herd.

I believe the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit together in my own mind at least.

Jewish people believe in something called “ibbur.” This is the term for pregnancy but on the soul level. An ordinary person gets “pregnant” or reinforced with a holy soul who helps them to accomplish a mission. I think this is what we have seen with Trump. He was always kind of an asshole with a good heart, but then he became something more than himself, and he isn’t done at all. The DS keeps trying to stop him from completing his mission not because he is “independent” but because they know he is spiritually appointed and reinforced.

The notion of “aliens” just means intelligent life forms. The rogue MIC is interested however in a particular kind of “alien.” They know where the “ley lines” or energy centers of the world are. They are subservient to the demonic realm and so in a sense they work to remove the barrier between hell and earth. They want to bring together the demonic principalities already here with the underworld – fuse them. They are offering as tribute all the assets they can plunder.

Thus any human council the evil ones have in operation is not directing things but taking orders. It’s kind of like when someone plays Ouija and unintentionally opens a portal, then can’t get rid of the bad spirits.

I believe Netanyahu, Trump and Kushner are well aware and working together with the “white hats” to defeat those who have sold out to the demons. Kushner’s family they say used to host Netanyahu at his house growing up. 

Logically whoever the cabal goes after is fighting the demons. For example MBS (SA) is targeted by Iran (cabal). Putin says he is going to get rid of the pagan cults in Ukraine – he is telling the truth and they’re after him too.

The war is really at its very core a war to stop evil from taking over the world. It is that deep and that real. And I know that many people know it, now more than ever.

Who is Armilus/the antichrist? 

Who is the Messiah? 

I don’t know, but I think we are close to finding out.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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