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Arbeit Macht Ye – “Love Speech”

My response, sent on Instagram:

“(Ye — this message is to you, but meant for your handlers to hear. I assume you are still programmed.)

“You talk about genocide of the children. Why don’t you call out your #MKULTRA handlers? You speak truth, right? What’s up with that? Or are you just programmed in a different way now?

“Funny how you don’t call out Hollywood (your ex mother in law) for sex trafficking your ex wife or children generally.

“Your speech is not love. You may not hate anyone but you have unleashed a gigantic wave of hate against people WHO DON’T CONTROL ANYTHING.

“If you have a problem with Jews then hire non-Jews.

“You may be a slave indeed, but it is not to my people.

“If you don’t care about money as you say, it’s a free country, don’t participate in building platforms that require lots of cash.

“It is certainly true that evil comes in all shapes and sizes.

“The public is getting smarter and smarter. The mind controllers, disinformation warriors, internet influence operators, and psychological operations specialists will all fail.”


By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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