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Whitney Webb, Limited Hangout

American expat Whitney Webb’s resume includes “The Iranian” and “Russia Insider.” She has built her career on bashing America and the U.S. The result is a social media audience propagandized to hate both America and Israel. People who mistrust the government and want answers are vulnerable to her apparently comprehensive research and sympathetic persona as a champion of the individual against the Deep State.

Anyone can be fooled – including me. I learned about Webb through her human trafficking awareness research. At the time, I even wrote that she was “not antisemitic.” But further research changed my views.

“The article by Whitney Webb for Mint Press News is very informative which I why I shared it. Unfortunately her timeline reflects a deep hatred of Israel.” — Be very careful about someone who gives you only one point of view.

Author at “The Iranian”:

Author at “Russia Insider”:

Author at “Mintpress News” (anti-Israel):

“Reviewing clips from promising journalist Whitney Webb”:

“Iran Tier 3 Sex Trafficker Shill”:

“A Vile Anti-American Cartoon”:

“An Analysis of Whitney Webb’s Coverage of Jeffrey Epstein”:

“When an Unlimited Hangout Is A Limited Hangout”:

Author of “One Nation Under Blackmail.” See description: “One Nation Under Blackmail is a damning indictment of the consequences resulting from the nearly century old relationship between both US and Israeli intelligence and the organized criminal network known as the National Crime Syndicate.”

I tried to better understand who this person was.

I concluded “Webb makes every effort to make Americans feel guilty as Americans for being American.”

What’s confusing is that people who seem good can also be bad.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.
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