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Notes on Cathy O’Brien’s “Trance” (2022) – Part 2, Individual and Mass Mind Control

Mass Mind Control

The goal of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird was to keep information from getting out through the media.

They do not want people to realize that:

  • Trafficking in people, guns and drugs is how the New World Order gets money.
  • The drug wars were just the CIA taking over the drug business around the world. (Gary Webb was killed when he tried to write about it.)

Both media and social media are designed in such a way that the user is bombarded by and enveloped in an all-encompassing, maximally absorbing environment:

  • Only a few big companies own 90% of the mainstream media.
  • Social media is financed by Big Tech, which hires specialists skilled at designing engaging apps so engaging that the user does not want to leave.
  • Music contains harmonics (sound waves/signals) that convey messages – think about the “lyrics that get stuck in our heads”

Once in the environment, a variety of techniques are used to convey messages (note: the examples were added by the author):

1. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP)

See for example coaching article from Tony Robbins, a proponent of these techniques for self-improvement.

2. Harmonics

  • Music – “lyrics stuck in our heads”

3. Occult symbolism

Individual Mind Control for MKULTRA-Programmed Slaves

  • Scientists working for MKULTRA did secret tests on how trauma could be used to create safe places in the mind where secret information could be kept. When the slave (or child) goes through trauma over and over again, the amygdala and hippocampus block out the memories.
  • The memory of the trauma is in the brain, but it is locked away. (Think of multiple personality disorder.) From a security point of view, this is great because it makes messengers who don’t remember what they did or said.
  • Scientists were able to put in not only secrets but also “programs” that could be turned on by a handler or trigger. These “programs” could be for sexuality or killing, for example.
  • Trauma comes in many different forms, such as beatings, electric shocks (like from cattle prods), and sound weapons.
  • The brain works mostly with electricity. It uses electricity to work. So, harmonics affect the RNA covering of neural pathways and show how mind control has changed over time. They can be used to control a person’s mind without the person or anyone else knowing.
  • Experiments showed that certain sound waves that can’t be heard can be used to send electronic and coded messages into victims. This means that it is no longer necessary to hurt a person physically in order to control their mind.
  • High-tech tools have been used to put what was learned from these experiments into practice since they started. Because of these advances in science, it is now possible to track a person’s state of mind and change it remotely and electronically.
  • This makes it possible for large-scale mind control to happen without anyone noticing.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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