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A Comment On: “Who Profits From Pipeline Terror?”

The saner heads in Washington, including Jake Sullivan and the CIA, want to prevent further escalation of the Ukraine-Russia war. “Neocons” seek the opposite.

My opinion, which is really just common sense: It is time for the world to take a humanitarian stance in stopping further aggression (such as blowing up a critical supply bridge between Russia and Crimea and then a Zelenskyy advisor bragging “it is only the beginning.”). PEOPLE WILL DIE BECAUSE OF THIS.

It is urgent that we stand now behind Germany and all of Europe, which will be FREEZING and STARVING this winter without the sufficient gas that a Germany-Russia pipeline would have produced.

Already the UKRAINIAN PEOPLE are impoverished and displaced, their families and futures in terrible danger if not broken. Ukrainian women were already human trafficking victims on a widespread basis before the war, and “breeders” of surrogate babies for the West. Where is their liberation?

Already the RUSSIAN PEOPLE are being called up to fight in unbelievable numbers. They have no choice and no freedom of speech (just watch them refusing an interview on TV with Western journalists). Much is to be done to support human rights and democracy there, but a mass casualty nuclear war isn’t it.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.


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