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No Jews allowed in this Ukraine store.

Didn’t see this reported in the news.

I was watching “All The President’s Men” (about Woodward & Bernstein at The Washington Post investigating the Watergate break-in) thinking – remember journalism? I knew it looked different than what we see today, which is one-sided propaganda regardless of who is doing the propagandizing. In the case of Ukraine, the media expended a lot of energy telling us that Ukraine’s militia groups — Azov etc. — are “nationalists” and not really neo-Nazis. This video would give credence to those who would make the opposite argument, that these former militia groups not only are strongly nationalist and anti-Russian, but also have emboldened anti-Semites.

The reason is obvious – Jewish people are dehumanized and considered lesser, in the same way that the Roma are. It does not matter whether the religion of a particular oligarch or political official happens to be Jewish. Rather it is the overall trend we should be looking at.

A related and inconsistent fact here, which also has not been reported on, is the presence of Jewish people who celebrated freely in Ukraine this year for Rosh HaShana. Here again their activities contradicted the official line that Ukraine is war-torn.

We really don’t know all the facts. We need better reporting.

It could be crowd control (to be fair).

Source: Jewish Breaking News


Update October 8, 2022: The store apologized for the actions of its employee.іyu-na-azs-z-obslugovuvannyam-xasidіv

Longer clip:

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.


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