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10 Key Points from Sergei Lavrov’s Address to the UN on September 24 (Includes Video and Auto-Transcript)

Key points. We should all agree on these things:

  1. Stop the “disinformation,” “stagings,” and “provocations.”
  2. The world must operate according to international law, not with one country asserting its “hegemony” or “unipolar” superiority over everyone else.
  3. There is no effective framework of international relationships that operates by “threats.”
  4. World stability is enhanced by “sovereign states ready to defend their national interests” which “results in the creation of an equal socially oriented and sustainable multi-polar architecture.”
  5. A “with us or against us” attitude is not helpful. It does not unite the world, it creates more divisions than ever.
  6. Cultural “arrogance” is a destructive force.
  7. The world is not the “back door” of any one country.
  8. No one country is or ought to be “self-proclaimed masters of the world.”
  9. The model of forceful interference to produce peace does not actually produce peace.
  10. You cannot bring a hostile force to the border of a country and expect a non-response.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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