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Civil Servants As Scapegoats

The Deep State only has one playbook. They position themselves within schools, hospitals, social service agencies, schools, faith institutions, the civil service, the judiciary, and so on. They infiltrate the system and bribe, threaten or blackmail influencers into compliance. Those who refuse are removed from the system.

The Deep State happily misleads, polarizes, and confuses the public, lumping all civil servants into the category of “power hungry bureaucrats.”

The truth is that just like in any social system, there is a distribution of actors along the bell curve. Good guys, bad guys, and everywhere in between. But if you’re distracted and only looking one way, you’re missing the main story. And the media often adds to the confusion—perhaps because of laziness, as well as incompetence and intent.

A political appointee working at the behest of the Administration is different qualitatively than a civil servant. And “politicals” tend to operate the same way regardless of political party — being impatient with the statute, regulation, policy and procedure that a civil servant will be focused on.

It’s true that there are extremist ideologues everywhere to include the civil service.

Most aren’t.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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