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DHS Doesn’t Care About Your Blogging, Duh

On August 16, 2022, Project Veritas posted an “expose” of a recent Homeland Security bulletin on DVEs after the raid on Mar A Lago.

There is nothing new or especially shocking on this unclassified, for official use only bulletin that somebody “leaked.”

In fact it says that ordinary people exercising their Constitutional rights are not a threat.

I worked for Homeland Security (CBP) as a public affairs specialist for 7 years (2005-2012). They don’t care about your blog.

The issue is people who exhibit the warning signs.

From the bulletin.

“(U//FOUO) A body of court documents and press reporting reveals several observable behaviors that may indicate radicalization and mobilization to violence by DVES. It is important to emphasize that many of the mobilization indicators may also relate to constitutionally protected activities. It is important to look critically and contextually at the specific actions of the individual and their intent. Law enforcement action should never be taken solely based on constitutionally protected activities….Individuals are encouraged to contact law enforcement if based on these indicators and the situational context-they suspect an individual is mobilizing to violence or engaging in violent extremist activities.”

Per the bulletin, Indicators of a reportable problem include:

  1. “(U/FOUO) Identifying-in person or online spec activity, including target(s), time frames, and participant roles;
  2. “(U//FOUO) Seeking or claiming religious, political, or ideological justification or validation for a planned violent attack;
  3. “(U//FOUO) Unusual purchase of military-style tactical equipment (for example, body armor or personal protective equipment) in a manner that raises suspicion of planning violence;
  4. “(U//FOUO) Communicating directly with, or seeking to develop a relationship with. violent extremists-or being contacted directly by them-for suspected criminal purposes;
  5. “(U//FOUO) Unusual efforts to obtain explosive precursors, especially illegally or surreptitiously,
  6. “(U//FOUO) Unusual acquisition of weapons or ammunition for suspected criminal purposes;
  7. “(U//FOUO) Unusual change in, or initiation of, physical or weapons training for suspected criminal purposes;
  8. “(U//FOUO) Producing, promoting, or extensively consuming violent extremist content PRENENT TRIYAS LON online or in person, including violent extremist videos, narratives, media, and messaging for suspected criminal purposes;
  9. “(U//FOUO) Expressing acceptance of violence as a necessary means to achieve ideological goals (for example, communicating a desire for revenge against ideological opponents) and saying that nonviolent means are ineffective or unavailable;
  10. “(U//FOUO) Increasing or extreme adherence to conspiracy theories as justification of violence against ideological targets; and
  11. “(U//FOUO) Attempting to radicalize others especially family members and peers-to violence.”

If anyone sees indicators of this type of behavior, they should report it.

People who tell you otherwise are agents provocateur, not Patriots.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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