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Bait—Raid—Trump’s Trap

“Trump lawyer Christina Bobb said in interviews Thursday night that President Trump and his family in New York watched the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago Monday via closed circuit TV security cameras. Bobb said the FBI had ordered staff at Mar-a-Lago to turn the cameras off but that Trump lawyers had the cameras turned back on.”

“Trump Lawyer: President Trump and Family in New York Watched FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago via CCTV”

“Former President Donald Trump’s legal team is weighing whether to release the search warrant and inventory of material seized at Mar-a-Lago before a federal judge rules on the matter, according to a Florida-based attorney for Trump, Lindsey Halligan.His legal team is also discussing whether to release video and photos of the search, Halligan said.”


How and why did President Trump watch the FBI raid on CCTV.

I remember also on January 6 the Trump family photographed in front of televisions.

And on Election Day 2020 they were supposedly in a SCIF watching the goings on.

Behind the scenes of the election there were computers capable of being hooked up to the internet — and this means the votes could be altered remotely.

Now from the Gateway Pundit we are hearing President Trump’s lawyer say they have photo and video from the FBI raid and might just release it.

Of course this was a stunt done to make the FBI look bad.

When those tapes are released and appear on social media they will go viral.

The confidential informant so close to Trump…led the FBI right into Mar A Lago.

After so many years of persecution, do you really think Trump is going to steal classified documents and end up in jail?

If Trump himself got the Presidential Records Act passed, do you really think he will run afoul of it?

How many times did we hear from Q about declassification?

It is all about releasing the documents.

With the release of documents the public finally wakes up.

The FBI was just doing its job.

So was Attorney General Garland.

That’s the whole point.

To confront an unjust system, President Trump uses the weaknesses of the system against itself.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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