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The Hivites’ Last Stand

Yellow is the “it” color this summer.

It could be a random thing (something always has to be the declared fashion). It’s been in fashion before.

It could also be a symbol of something unique to the moment.

What I learned from Sarah Ruth Mayer (formerly Ashcraft), survivor of SRA:

Yellow = bees = Hive = “Hivites.”

I remember her saying (on Twitter) that symbols are the way the elites talk to one another over our heads.

Looking into the meaning of the bee and its hive applied to a dangerous human cult:

BEE Symbolism @Shuna explains
The bee is in the working context, as the hive is a reference to the building of the Goddess. To the Mother Goddess, because the shape of the hive also refers to the old buildings that allowed ice to be stored. Example: Freemasons are workers, who work for the Goddess. The beehive is also considered a representation of the Temple.

“The victims are also represented as flowers, the bees bringing the liquor from the flowers back to the hive to create the honey, which is considered, in many representations, to be a “sacred” product. For example, honey, along with other foods, was used to create sweets for the Egyptian Gods. Knowing that Venus accompanies in the first quarter, that of the earth. While the flowers feed on the sun.” /

Here is the well-known thread on the subject that Sarah Ruth Mayer (then-Ashcraft) posted to Twitter on November 10, 2017.

More here: (

Here are some recent examples of the prominence of the color yellow among the elite.

Thank you to those who noticed this trend already and wondered at its significance.

It is possible that the Trump appropriation of yellow is a form of trolling.

In any case, the elites appear to be following the script closely.

England seems to play a leading role.

Here is the visibility of yellow elsewhere in pop culture.

Yellow is Global

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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