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The 16 Year Plan – We Are In Imminent Danger

This is part of Dr. McGreevey’s videotaped interview from 2021.

If you read it in context (with the 200 page transcript) it is more useful.

From my memory of his statements— Dr. McGreevey became involved with the DOJ (Rosenstein) after 9/11. McGreevey had become aware of a source of information about terror networks and was funneling the information to the DOJ. McGreevey also says that Rosenstein was good not only at getting information about Russian spying but also at planting information among the Russian spies that they would think was real (“Ghost Stories”).

McGreevey says everything changed in 2008 because when Obama was elected, instead of going after the radical Islamic terrorists he covered for them.

Time is of the essence.

Dr. McGreevey became a target when the 16 year plan kicked off.

Once he was targeted by a corrupt state machinery, then legal charges ensued – followed by severe medical consequences (think illegal torture) – followed by entrapment – followed by unbelievable hit pieces in the media (think “the wrap up smear”).

He is not a follower of Q at all. (I am.) He is not a follower of anybody. But they will say whatever they can to make him sound crazy.

Dr. McGreevey was poisoned through the hand recently. That story matches what happened to David Seaman — do you remember him from the Pizzagate days, where he was insisting that one should simply read the Wikileaks, and look at the codes?

Seaman was once a celebrated up and coming journalist just like Liz Crokin.

Someone came up to him and shook his hand and he got sick after that.

He talked about it in one of his videos.

Remember when President Trump would not shake Nancy Pelosi’s hand at the State of the Union address.

Seaman’s friend Ashley (I think that was her name) was murdered and the story was that it was a junkie who did it.

Liz Crokin — nonstop fighter against child trafficking — just posted that she’s been getting threats again and is not suicidal.

Finally there is the death of Ivana Trump, who I have not written about yet. I don’t believe she fell down a staircase due to the timing and pattern of targeting Trump family. Remember Surfside happened a block from where Ivanka and Jared Kushner were living – this was in the news and my blog. Remember the Secret Service agents reportedly took photos of his son Barron.

Also in the news.

This is not about an election, a candidate, or an ideology.

This is about treason and seditious conspiracy, happening right now.

We live in exceptionally dangerous and violent times where the truth is not just hidden, it’s flipped all around, and you can’t necessary tell who is good and who is bad.

One of us alone can’t do anything much.

Many of us can wonder aloud. We can refuse to just accept what is happening as normal. I am convinced that Dr. McGreevey, because of the decades of knowledge he has, is an impediment to the “16 year plan” and as such must be both protected and called to testify publicly in some way so that people can hear and evaluate for themselves the logic and merit of his claims.

The first duty of a citizen is to protect the Nation, yet this has been flipped by traitors into calling people extremists.

In the most recent NDAA there is a section on countering extremism – which will most certainly be used to get rid of patriots.

In the hands of a seditious conspiracist or outright traitor, this type of initiative will obviously be misused.

There is other suspicious stuff in there.

Again – time is of the essence and I urge people to ask questions.

See how many of these objectives (of the alleged plan) have already been met.

Again – this is NOT ABOUT PARTISANSHIP at all – in fact just the opposite, the idea is to polarize us so badly that we are rendered defenseless.

If war literally breaks out, and/or there are massive electricity/food/etc. shortages, it will be too late.

We cannot wait for someone to “magically” say or do something — in addition to prayer and good works, we must speak.

I am censored on Twitter on LinkedIn right now. My articles were blasted off of Medium. But as long as there is life there is hope. Please speak anyway.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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