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With Gratitude to ArchiveAnon: Free “Q” Resources

ArchiveAnon describes himself or herself as a “Q Historian and Archivist.” He or she is author/editor of the Q Encyclopedia Project and a member of @WeTheMedia on Telegram.

We owe a tremendous debt to this individual and all those who have worked to understand the “Q” messages in a genuine way. They have not only labored in anonymity, but have also generously shared their work with the rest of us.

ArchiveAnon describes Q as:

“a person; or persons; who began posting to the anonymous message board website “4chan” on October 28th, 2017….a popular destination for people who wished to post information anonymously without it being traced back to them.

ArchiveAnon. “WHO IS Q?” WHO IS Q?,, Accessed 16 July 2022.

The importance of Q cannot be overstated: To circumvent the “fake news” and bring us the information we need to overcome the infiltration/invasion of the United States by foreign powers and their traitorous comrades.

“Over the course of the next several days and weeks, this particular user began dropping hints that they had direct access to classified information, and that they were authorized to share this information…to gradually prepare the public for future events via a controlled release of National Security Intel which would be too socially disruptive, dangerous, and/or hard to believe if disclosed all at once through regular media channels.

ArchiveAnon. “WHO IS Q?” WHO IS Q?,, Accessed 16 July 2022.

Over the next few years (probably more), we will be studying the messages not only for their historical value but also to understand the communication theory and techniques that made them such an effective consciousness-raising tool.

We will need to parse out the ethical implications of what is undoubtedly a psychological campaign that can be turned to the good or the opposite, God forbid.

In the meantime, with gratitude to those who developed, produced, wrote and shared the below, here are some resources for downloading.

READ ME FIRST: Downloads from the Internet may contain viruses. It is highly recommended to review up-to-date security practices before downloading anything. This article from HowToGeek may be helpful.

To download the Encyclopedia only:

Anonymous. “The Great Awakening: An Encyclopedia of Q Posts November 2019 – December 2020.” Self-Published (PDF). Accessed 16 July 2022. Free download:

To download the entire Q archive offered by ArchiveAnon:



Contents, per AA:

• The Q 2020 Encyclopedia covering Nov 2019 – Dec 2020

• Screencaps for every single Q post from Oct 2017 – Dec 2020.

• Backup copies of videos referenced in most Q posts, currently totaling over 320 videos

• Screencaps for all tweets and headlines from Q posts Nov 2019 – Dec 2020.

• Every image posted by Q from Nov 2019 – Dec 2020.

• Q-Related PDFs, including “Q-Anon the Storm version 1.Q” covering Oct 2017 – Nov 2019 and “The Book of Q Proofs v1.5.”

• A complete archive of Donald Trump’s Twitter account through October 2020 in .csv and .json formats

• Large folder of unsorted Q proof images.

See also:

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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