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Credible Claim: Trump Has Been Reinstated.

Update #3 – Only Reinstatement Can Correct A Criminal Conspiracy To Fraudulently Seize The Presidency (7/10/22)

My personal belief is that voting fraud occurred through multiple means so that it “could not fail.”

Keeping in mind that the Establishment criminalized and demonized Trump so that voting for him was akin to a civil “sin,” I believe votes were altered by any or all of the following mechanisms:

  1. preventing people from voting for Trump in the first place when they otherwise would have, through various extreme pressure tactics (e.g threatening job or livelihood; social connections; family relationships)
  2. illicitly turning on the Internet connection in voting machines (which are just computers) and then altering votes in the “cloud”
  3. vote harvesting (gathering ballots all signed for the desired candidate) and bulk deposit in ballot drop boxes
  4. printing up false ballots and using obsolete voter roll information (dead or moved out of state) to populate them
  5. at the point of ballot counting: accepting ballots from people who do not have the right to vote; failure to verify signatures; accepting illegible ballots; failure to lock down the chain of custody of the vote collection devices; interference with the vote tally; and so on.

Update #2: Decertification Comment on RSBN (7/9/22), July 9, 2022

So now we have two different stories:

1. November 2022: Trump will be reinstated via multi-state decertification to be sent to Congress after midterm elections (Christina Bobb, RSBN, 7/9/22)

2. Imminent: Trump has been reinstated via a shadow (secret) Supreme Court ruling to be made public once the justices are moved to a safe location (Phil Godliewski via anonymous source, Rumble, 7/6/22)

See also—with the caveat that some of this might not be accurate:

Update: Trump Signed 7/8/22 Message “President Donald J. Trump” (7/9/22)

Astute, Samantha Morlote!

I. Phil Godliewski:
Screenshot from video by Phil Godliewski, in which he claimed that the Presidential election of 2020 has been overturned by the Supreme Court, and that Donald J. Trump has been restored to the Presidency. Video link:

‘I have direct information from my source not from some quasi-Internet article or opinion piece or theory.

“I have intel (intelligence) directly from my source that I’ve had for the past couple of weeks that I wasn’t able to reveal until now, for reasons which you’ll understand shortly.

“I’m not sure if anybody noticed this or realizes this but the Supreme Court justices, in particular Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, and John Roberts, have been under military protection since their announcement of a recess last week.

“John Roberts in particular is actually under (not sure if this is Navy or NATO) protection.

“The reason that these justices are under protection is that the 2020 general election for the presidency of the United States has been overturned by the United States Supreme Court.

“That’s not a rumor, that’s a fact. That happened. And all we’re waiting on now is (for) the justices to be properly taken care of, moved about around the world so that they can’t be found.

“And you may ask why (do they) need to be moved around, and the answer to that is that there are still sections of the cabal in the deep state that are fully capable of pulling off a murder, of not only the justices but also their families.

“Keep in mind that some of these justices have many young children. And that the overturning of the selection is the end of the cabal once and for all. They are no longer in power and they never will be again.

“There is no question about whether the 2020 election will be overturned. That is a fact. We have won and the election is overturned.

“There will be no special election for president. Donald Trump as the second-place finisher, with the amount of votes that he received—by the way the numbers are going to be revealed—Donald Trump has been awarded the presidency of the United States as the secondary runner up in the fraudulent election (that went) to Joe Biden.

“There will be no special election. The presidency will simply be handed to Donald Trump.

“This is not a potential path, of what could happen related to the election fraud. This has happened. This case has been in front of the Supreme Court since the very beginning of all of this. Evidence has been presented to the Supreme Court in secret. There was a docket that was secret that no one knew about, especially the press, for a good reason, because you could see what they could do in something like Roe vs. Wade.

“Roe vs. Wade, although it was overturned, was a giant distraction, for the deep state and the cabal. While they were looking at that, other matters were being handled.

“The 2020 general election for presidency of the United States has been overturned due to election fraud. We will never be in this situation again. Donald Trump will return to power, and that’s when big things start happening.”

I find this claim credible although the information may not be “perfect.” See Q&A below.

A. Credibility

1. Who is Phil Godliewski? Is he a credible/reliable source of “intel?”

Godliewski has multiple social media channels and a large following, but this in and of itself does not establish credibility.

From all appearances, he seems to be a regular hardworking person who has made some mistakes and repented.

Most troubling to me, it is true that he engaged in an (inherently exploitative and illegal) relationship with a teenager.

Godliewski has publicly repented.

“In a remarkable statement tonight from Phil in regards to his past, he told us that he had asked the Lord for forgiveness, and that he wanted to change the direction of his life to help people.”

To put things into perspective, according to the CDC (slightly dated figures), 40% of American females have had intercourse “at least once” between the ages of 15-19.

So, a common scenario. Not indicative of a serial pedophile. Not associated with human trafficking.

2. Professional Background

Public LinkedIn profile does not list military experience or military intelligence work, although if someone is working in that field, the experience may not be listed publicly.

3. Possibly A Messenger

From an “intel” perspective, the level of assertions he is making make don’t match the public bio. (Old Jewish saying: “Those who know don’t tell, and those who tell don’t know.”) However there may be things we don’t know about his life experience.

It is also possible that he is a designated messenger. We have seen multiple such individuals who appear to play the role of circumventing the mainstream media.

4. Analysis of Some Earlier Statements

The following are not quotes but rather notes from “Rose Rambles”:

“The question was asked if the US Marshals were guarding Biden? Phil said you need to know the difference between US Marshals and the Secret Service. The Secret Service guards, but the US Marshals are assigned to one who has been detained. Biden has US Marshals! Think about that!”

According to the U.S. Marshals Service website (the government website), the Marshals’ duties include guarding “federal judicial officials” and “government witnesses.” They also “transport prisoners.”

More from Rose, citing Godliewski, followed by comment/response.

“The Queen’s Death announcement in June!”

This has not occurred.

“Roe v Wade will most likely not occur until Trump is back.”

This has occurred, very recently. Not clear if there is any connection to Trump.

“The SCOTUS election overturn is on the horizon.”

In the July 6 video, Godliewski says that this is new information he wasn’t allowed to reveal before, but he discussed the topic several weeks prior.

“Phil still has not received any new Intel suggesting that Trump is not back by July 4th.”

Discrepant, but we are still in July.

“Phil also said that decertification will take place in June! July possible. If that occurs, then they have 90 days for a special election.”

This is discrepant, but not in a significant way—the information could simply be updated. The July 6 video says that Trump will simply be returned to office.

B. Fact-Checking 2 Key Points In Godliewski’s Statement

1. Is it true that the Supreme Court reviews cases in secret?


2. Is it possible that the Supreme Court Judges are under military guard?


See also:

II. Recent Events

Keep in mind a few things which have all occurred over the past couple of weeks or so.

A. Q Returns: “Shall we play a game once more?”

B. Trump Plane Refurbishment

“Coming back to the skies in the Fall of 2022, or maybe sooner.”

C. Wisconsin Ballot Drop Boxes Ruled Illegal

D. Georgia Guidestones Destroyed — On George Bush’s Birthday

The Georgia Guidestones, widely considered to be occult in nature, were demolished on July 6—George Bush’s birthday.

The Bushes are considered by many to be emblematic of the Deep State/cabal.

III. Faith and Plausibility

IV. Additional Links:

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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