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“The decline and fall of the empire of meta-fraudsters looks like a horrific end of established society, but actually it is only the beginning of genuine civilisation.” – Martin Geddes

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Some reflections:

  • The “metrafraud” is the movie set (“Wizard of Oz,” “The Matrix”) which appears real but is not. We are programmed by God to take a learning journey through this material world (movie set), but our choices are not programmed by Him.
  • To the contrary, He “conceals his presence” to make our choices meaningful.
  • This means that the evil ones are allowed to use and pervert the forces of nature (science/occultism – cults from the beginning of time). They serve “other gods,” meaning the forces who reject and rebel against God — all of them can be called “satanic” for this reason.
  • The anti-God forces predominantly use mind control (information warfare) to “gain the consent” of their victims. The more “consent,” the bigger the “metafraud.” Like a cancer, it metastasizes. That is why, from their logic, people like Martin Geddes (writer/theorist), and like Sarah Ruth Ashcraft (survivor), must be neutralized, silenced, etc. because their level of insight causes their narrative to completely collapse.
  • The satanists die (as Sarah pointed out) because they FEED off the innocent. It isn’t only the money they get from human trafficking. It isn’t only the sacrifice of human souls in rituals. It is the literal use (theft) of bodily fluid, which reverses the natural aging process. Sarah was a victim of cerebrospinal fluid theft.
  • On a higher level, the satanists seek to imprison the innocent to maintain and increase their power over the natural world. Satanists are the forces of “kelipah” (shells/husks – a Kabbalistic term), which only have power to the extent that they conceal the Divine.
  • In fact the Satanists are quite fluent in Kabbalah and other forms of mysticism because these are the equivalent of weapons, one can readily see in mass tragedies the use of numbers, etc. in a way that goes beyond the coincidental.
  • In any case, the minute the Divine (“Shekhinah” aka the Princess) is liberated from the “kelipah,” the Holy Light escapes and there is nothing left of them. This is why the Satanists cannot allow for Godliness in the portions of the world they control. (As a friend in Hollywood told me – “don’t even bother to sell a religious movie project here.”)
  • The Satanists cannot allow for a language that contains the seeds of their own destruction. As Sarah pointed out, when we speak English, we speak in their terms (Hebrew is the Holy Language and is not subject to their manipulations). Bruce Lee also pointed this out – “spelling” is “spell-ing.” Magick.
  • I hope that Geddes’ term “metafraud” escapes this fate and becomes widely adopted, in academia and jurisprudence. When we have a word for an entire social system which is essentially a “Big Lie,” we also have a word for the opposite – a social system built on Truth, integrity, and justice.
  • We can envision a grand social system to be rebuilt with a kind of “inspector general” or “auditing” function to prevent another “metafraud” from occurring.
    • “Metafraud” is a concrete term that has the benefits of relaying “conspiracy” or “racketeering” without reducing these to the level of vague “theory.”
    • “Metafraud” doesn’t assign guilt–doesn’t fall into the trap of making unfounded claims subject to “debunking,” a tool for discrediting the accurate claims or ideas that the truth-seeker promotes.
    • “Metafraud,” unlike “conspiracy theory,” can be documented. Through analysis of electronic communications, the web of contacts within a given social network can be traced, along with the flow of currency and other compensation between them.
  • The goal right now can be reduced to two terms most people who follow Q are familiar with – “the algorithm” (used by social media to track users across platforms), and “follow the money.”

By Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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