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Someone Shared An Encounter With An Antisemite

Warning: The following description of an encounter with an antisemite contains hurtful language. The purpose of sharing this content is to educate the public about the biases Jewish people face, spoken or unspoken.

The man approaches two men at an outdoor eatery in San Diego.

The man films his victims.

“The goyim are starting to wake up. You guys have your own ethnostate, you guys are trying to dismantle our civilization. Heil Hitler. The ‘goyim’ are waking up. The financial system, we understand, is the underpinning of society. And it’s a Talmudic inversion (?). Yeah, I’m recording you. Heil Hitler, you dirty Kikes. Yeah, the goyim are waking up. Your Talmudic inversion (?) isn’t gonna work for us. Yeah. Why does Israel deserve to have their own ethnostate? You hypocritical bastards. You hypocritical bastards. You wanna control America’s speech? Call your Shabbos goys. Call the police. OK, why? Because another citizen is engaging in speech? The perpetual urge to shut it down. The perpetual urge to shut it down. You’re exposing yourself, kike.”

Source: Jewish Breaking News, Instagram, 6/15/2022

What if the verbal violence had escalated into a physical attack?

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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