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The War We Keep Ignoring

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“Move over,” said my husband. We were in Florida. Nice neighborhood. Man had relieved himself in the bushes. He was not dressed. We kept walking.

“Look over there,” said my husband. There were people laying on the grass near the road. It was daytime. There was a public bench. They were on the ground underneath it.

Across the street there were two more people sitting outside a construction site. They had been there for days.

Our society is measured by the way we treat the desperately poor. We treat them terribly.

Absent or abusive parenting combined with poverty, lack of education, processed food, and unsafe neighborhoods produce mentally ill children who turn to drugs for relief.

They might turn to their spiritual leaders but our society scoffs at religion and the so-called leaders have their own corruption problems.

Addicted kids turn into prostitutes, who then turn around and recruit other kids.

We could ask Child Protective Services for help but corruption in the system is so rampant that the foster care system is actually a reliable pipeline for traffickers.

We tend to blame the people lowest on the food chain. But the real problem is influential people who won’t stop the corruption.

For example, the problem is not the migrants – it’s the cartels.

Why won’t the government stop the cartels?

Logic dictates that the cartels are bribing or blackmailing the government.

Instead of solving problems, corrupt leaders make them worse by turning the people against one another.

Thus, the root cause of polarization is extremist leaders.

These problems are large, but they are not unsolvable. It’s going to take the equivalent of a war effort to address each factor, but we can do it.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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