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Investigative Journalists Ignoring Ukrainian Nazis: Quite The Spectacle

1. Ukraine-based Azov displays Nazi emblems and salutes. Clearly. All over the place. It’s no secret. It’s longstanding.

2. They train U.S.-based Nazis.

3. Biden says U.S.-based Nazis are our biggest threat. The DHS says so. The Democrats say so. They’ve said that for years, ever since Trump took office at least.

4. Ukrainian Nazis showed up in Charlottesville, marching in the traditional Ukrainian Nazi way, with Americans. This was a race riot in which a woman was killed.

5. The director of the FBI testified before Congress that Azov and their ilk were dangerous to us because of the Nazism.

6. Dozens of members of Congress wrote a letter against Azov.

7. Legislation from 2018 prohibited funding Azov.

8. The media before Biden told us they were Nazis, but the media after Biden keeps on telling us that Azov is not really the same as Nazi, despite overwhelming evidence.

9. Because of media and Hollywood influence, many Americans and American companies actually fly the Ukrainian flag itself “in support.”

10. Ukraine has become the center of Nazi organizing activity today. This is per the Washington Post.

11. The “Reconquista” movement which began in 2015 has the goal of kicking out Muslims, migrants and “foreigners” from all of Europe – ethnic cleansing.

12. Jewish people still have fresh memories of the Holocaust. Yet these ultra-nationalists were the private militia for a Jewish oligarch in Europe, and Zelensky, a Jewish man who opposed these types in 2019 now fronts for them as president of Ukraine. Israel supplied them with guns (Tavor). Israel also housed the oligarch who funded them. Makes no sense.

13. Russia opposed the Nazis in World War II. These Nazis oppose Russia. Instead of supporting Russia’s effort to eliminate them, we are siding with the Nazis.

14. This movement trains children to do drugs, commit violent acts, and do the Hitler salute.

15. Biden’s State Department (Tony Blinken) won’t let the oligarch — Zelensky’s patron — into the country because of the crimes he committed here with funds he embezzled form Ukraine. But Biden just sent Ukraine $40 billion and another $13 billion is on the way.


Azov trains U.S. Nazis and the Reconquista movement aims to ethnically cleanse Europe:

Nazis using Ukraine for recruitment now

Blinken blocks Kolomoisky from entering USA

Azov trains children

Israel supplied Tavor guns to Azov

$53 billion in aid to Ukraine

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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