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“Youth Infusions,” CSF Theft, Sarah Ruth Ashcraft & Chris Cronsell

“Civilization Is Built On Cannibalism.”

Christopher Cronsell

They have tried to make Sarah Ruth Ashcraft seem crazy and Chris Cronsell seem like bad news.

Both are victims of the cult.

I don’t know the details of their lives.

I do believe they were telling the truth about having their cerebrospinal fluid stolen by cannibals.

The Telegraph (UK)

May 14, 2022

“Youth transplants’ really can slow the ageing process: Stanford scientists find infusions of cerebrospinal fluid can regenerate the brain’s memory centre and may help to rejuvenate elderly bodies” (link; archive)

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft

July 7, 2018

“They sucked out my brain fluid. What. The. Actual. F*ck.” (Link)

“They took it through my nasal cavity, the roof of my mouth, the back of my head at C-1, the C/T junction of my spine, L-4, above the SI plate, & I think through the hip. @Cronsell
& I just checked. We both have physical markings & scar tissue consistent with this CSF withdrawal.” (Link)

“This is surreal.” (Link)

“Suddenly, being used in child porn and masonic rituals pales in comparison to this new realization.” (Link)

“Chris remembered being extubated through the nose after kidney surgery. Once we figured out the CSF connection w/ adrenaline, we realized the truth. Then, looking back at all of my “headaches” & other symptoms, it came into focus for me & my body started to speak up. So difficult” (Link)

“They would take it during surgery while I was under general anesthesia for other things, too. For the last couple of days, my body has been remembering what it felt like. I now fully understand SEVERAL memories that were previously mysterious/inexplicable. It makes it all clear.” (Link)

“My MOTHER.” (Link)

“No one should ever have to face something like this. No one with consciousness & free will should be made to endure what @cronsell & I did. No one alive should be made to sacrifice life itself so that others may unnaturally just not die, as they SHOULD due to the OWN BEHAVIOR.” (Link)

“My mother would say BLATANT LIES like “I hate to see you so sick” and “It just breaks my heart to see you suffer like this.” The last thing she said to me the night before I fled (without her foreknowledge) was “I’m so sorry you have to go through this.” Um, NO. I don’t HAVE to.” (Link)

“This was all while I was sleeping in her house with just her & her husband in the house. I was SO SEVERELY SICK at her house. I once said to Chris “I always vomit at my mom’s house.” I rationalized it was allergies or bad cooking. Now I know it was DRUGS & CSF DEPLETION. A$$HOLE$” (Link)

“This is truly unnerving.” (Link)

“Now that @cronsell & I have figured out the vampiric/parasitic practice of CSF theft, I expect to be targeted heavily by shills & the triggered walking dead. You may see less of me for a while. Anyone casting doubt on the CSF stuff is GUILTY. It is 100% true that they steal CSF. (Link)

“Note that asking questions/clarifying understanding is not the same as denying or casting doubt. This CSF practice WILL stand up to questioning because it’s real & it happened. To me. Questions are fine. Tactics, as always, are not. Be careful who you follow. Question everything.” (Link)

“Note, the reason they take the CSF instead of just the chemical laden blood, is because the victim’s body has already converted the adrenaline into something that can and has already passed the blood-brain barrier. Easier uptake by the thief that way.” (Link)

“Now it makes sense why they treated me like a pet. They tried to ‘make up for it’ with gifts & a stellar education & the fake love/affection that a narcissistic parasite is capable of. Just enough to keep me attached & oblivious. They grew me to leech off of my bodily fluids.” (Link)

“I spent 20yrs in therapy trying to figure out why I seemed to rank lower than the actual pets in the house in terms of respect, care, or attention. They mock me & call it “middle child syndrome” to ridicule me away from the TRUTH. These people are EVIL!! #LockThemAllUp #ItEndsNow” (Link)

“Someone just asked “Are they human?” Y’all know how adamant I am about this, that it’s just people doing subhuman sh*t to other people. I resist false alien/spirit narratives to keep it in the realm of 3D reality. But I was wrong. They are no longer human. They are something else” (Link)

“They’re dead. They are moving bodies acting on chemical and electrical impulse with extremely, unnaturally high intellect and ZERO emotional response within the body to avert them from doing quite literally anything they think they can get away with. They are not human anymore.” (Link)

“They may have literally already died & were ‘resurrected’ by the cult, which is why they say they are “Born Again” (my parents were hiding as born again Christians in San Francisco when I was conceived/born). They have a choice – die forever or live as the undead with “Family”” (Link)

“I welcome any of them to chime in and clarify if I have some of this wrong. By all means, help us understand how the hivites are not real vampires, witches, zombies, parasites, demons, werewolves, villains, cannibals and mad scientists all wrapped up in one giant package #Hivites” (Link)

“And why don’t any of them sue me? Fascinating” (Link)

“Behavior screams louder than all the lies combined. The pattern is undeniable. The evidence is literally everywhere in my life. This is not going to continue. Not for me, not for the hivites, not for a single one of these victims. This is OVER. NOW. No more. #ItEndsNow forever” (Link)

“I’m beyond ready for @POTUS & #QAnon to let this information become public so #WeThePeople can rid ourselves & the entire Earth of this parasite once & for all. Excise the cancer to save the body. There is no other option. This is survival. Life & death. Our last chance #WWG1WGA” (Link)

“The reason they terrorize is to unnaturally extend their lives at the expense of others’. The reason terrorism even exists is because of these parasites. Once this truth is commonly known, the hivites will cease to exist, & evil/deception will disappear with them. #SayBraveThings” (Link)

“Dear God, please rescue the children. I know TOO MANY young victims being harmed in this way right now. This is so awful. Mercy God, please” (Link)

July 8, 2018

“CSF dependent hivites are at high risk of death if they become overly stressed or excited, unless they ingest someone else’s adrenaline. Thus, #theGreatAwakening is literally killing them. The stress of it is setting off self destruct biological processes in their bodies. #QAnon” (Link)

“Hence, #ThePain” (Link)

August 29, 2019

“I’m talking about literal siphoning of my adrenaline and neurotransmitter laden blood and cerebrospinal fluid that my family then ingest to keep themselves alive, since they have abused their bodies beyond a sustainable point and without the theft they’d die.”

“Unfortunately I am being extremely literal here. #SayBraveThings This is what they did to me. This is the truth of my life. I still struggle with this part of it quite a lot actually. Very disturbing.”

August 29, 2019

Christopher (Chris) Cronsell

“Read the article sure, but then read the comments. From 2009 people. Future proves past. Cannibalism exists in the form of CSF transfusions. #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #SayBraveThings #MAGA #TruthisEvolution #LyingisObsolete”

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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