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Azov Is Bad. Do Not Support Azov.

“Neo-Nazis always train for political violence.”

Robert Claus, Researcher of Far-Right Groups
Video: “‘Identitarian slogans – right-wing extremist demonstration in Kaiserstrasse, Vienna May 17, 2014’ – ‘Identities’ demand all serious ‘Reconquista,’ i.e. the expulsion of all non-Christians from Europe! Police protect the demo on its march through Vienna and remove anti-fascist blockades.”

“Europe’s neo-Nazi scene is training for Day X, in which the ultra-rights of the political upheaval will succeed. Thus, author Robert Claus observes a professionalization of physical violence. He has visited ‘Fight Nights’ across Germany and Europe. His reports show a growing international martial arts network of militant neo-Nazis with links to hooligans, legal rock bands and security companies. Martial artists, victims of right-wing violence, sports politicians and connoisseurs of the neo-Nazi scene speak out. A highly explosive and cautionary book.”

Machine translation of book description – “Your Struggle: How to Train Europe’s Extreme Rights for the Fall” (German Edition, 2020) by Robert Claus

“Ever since the early 2010s the term Reconquista has popped up among several European far-right groups, as a common denominator for their fight against foreigners and migrants in Europe….The idea to create a consistent pan-European project called Reconquista hatched sometime in 2015 among neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Although little is known about the early phase of the Reconquista project, it must have started out sometime in 2015 by members of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.”

Shared by Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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