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Satanists Are The Evil We Fight

God is in charge.

But the Satanist says: I am in charge.

These two ideas cannot coexist.

From me: The image is one of the pictures drawn by a child. I have redacted it due to the nature of the content. I have highlighted the pentagram. Satanists are the evil we fight.

The writer is the mother (through foster care) of a survivor. If you go to the link on Telegram you can learn more.

“Trigger warning for survivors! These are hand drawn pictures from child alters ages 6-10. The kid alters are usually able to draw in detail the evil that was done to them down to the smallest detail.
Take note of the things in the room….the table with a pentagram, ceremonial ritual dagger, bloody handprints on the walls, green cash money, dildos on the bed, etc…If you notice the tears on the child, and the female handler counting money, and the number of males raping a small child…..then you will understand the war we are in. If you haven’t already….please stand with and for every child and survivor. They have gone through unimaginable evil, and torture on our watch.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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