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False Gods and True Believers

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“During the days of King Messiah, when he will be secure in his monarchy, and all of Israel will gather about him, everyone’s genealogy will be clarified by him by means of the Holy Spirit which will rest upon him, as it says, “And he shall sit as a purifier and refiner…” (Malachi 3:3).

Maimonides (the Rambam), Mishneh Torah, Kings and Wars, Chapter 12

Maimonides is universally accepted by religious Jews and we believe his pronouncements about the Messiah to be true and accurate.

In that light I wanted to take a look at three topics that people are thinking about nowadays:

  • “False gods” – what is the origin and meaning of this term?
  • Christians and others who are actually Jewish but don’t know it
  • Jews who are actually not Jewish but don’t know it

I. “False gods”

These are traceable to the beginning of time and consist of any object of worship that is not God. Occultism is associated with the worship of false gods and is satanic in nature. It is the effort to accumulate and use power that belongs to God.

Example #1: Celestial Bodies

The Bible tells us over and over again not to worship “other gods” (“Elohim acheirim.”)

From a Jewish perspective, this has been interpreted to mean two things.

One possibility is that after creation, humans at first worshiped God directly, then turned to the celestial bodies as intermediaries between man and God, and then started to forget God and invest the celestial bodies themselves with supernatural powers.

Notes and quotes from Gershon Winkler’s The Golem of Prague: A New Adaptation of the Documented Stories of the Golem of Prague (1980), “The Occult: A Torah Perspective,” pp. 313-316 (see earlier thread – messy):

  • The Torah does not believe in duality. The Torah teaches that everything is actually One.
  • Evil comes about when we take our focus off of God and put it somewhere else (including ourselves). When we decide what is good and what is bad, instead of listening to God, we are in the realm of evil.
  • Thus the haughty man worships himself as a god and is therefore evil. “God says: I and he cannot dwell in the same world.” (Source: Talmud Bavli [Babylonian Talmud, as opposed to Jerusalem Talmud], Sotah, 5A)
  • Page 316: “Most people assume that the worship of other ‘gods’ was practiced by our ancestors because of their primitiveness and ignorance. From the Torah perspective, however, ancient idolatry was basked in greater sophistication than ‘civilized’ people wish to believe.”
  • Page 317: “idolatry did not result originally out of ignorance of God, but on the contrary, from a very keen awareness of His greatness and His boundless energies.”
  • Page 317: “The origin of idolatry is traced to the earliest generations of humanity which lived on the very morrow of Creation. The Divine energy was then still fresh. It illuminated every facet of creation, which had come into being by God’s will.”
  • “Living so close to the moment of Creation and within the lifetime of the first man and woman, these generations were more spiritually sensitive…and certainly entertained no doubt of God’s existence.”
  • Basically, they thought that since God created the sun, moon and stars, they should worship the sun, moon and stars, as a way of worshiping God.

Example #2: Hybrid Human-Demonic Race That Rebels Against God

I am not able to develop this line of thought fully due to lack of knowledge and space in this post, but here are some fragments.

Other Examples: Anything Humans Invest With Godlike Power

  • Idols (Figurines, statues, etc.)
  • People
  • Money
  • Artificial intelligence

II. Christians Who Are Actually Jewish

Judaism goes by the mother.

If your mother is or was genetically (bloodline) Jewish, you are Jewish too.

You can convert into Judaism, but you can never take away bloodline Judaism from someone who possesses it.

“Subsequent to Jesus’ death, his earliest followers formed an apocalyptic messianic Jewish sect during the late Second Temple period of the 1st century. ” (Wikipedia)

  1. Jesus was Jewish.
  2. Jesus was observant of the Torah.
  3. Jesus did not tell anyone to stop observing the Torah or to change its commandments.
  4. Jesus did not create a religion separate from Judaism.
  5. Jesus was never excommunicated.

Jewish people do not believe Jesus was the messiah. However, even if he made this assertion incorrectly, he was only one of many people to do so and the assertion alone does not disqualify him from being Jewish.

For all of the above reasons, I believe there are many Christians who follow Christianity but do not know they are bloodline Jewish. (This is in addition of course to Christians whose ancestors were forced to renounce Judaism or die, Jews exiled from Israel who migrated to other parts of the world and aren’t acknowledged Jews yet, etc.)

Genetically Jewish people are part of God’s promise to redeem the Jewish people specifically in Messianic times.

lII. Jewish People Who Are Actually Not Jewish

When a Jewish man marries a non-Jewish woman, the resulting children are not Jewish even though they may have a Jewish name, attend a Jewish place of worship, and participate in Jewish lifecycle ritual events.

It is irrelevant whether a person calling themselves a Jewish religious authority incorrectly claims that patrilineal descent is sufficient. (We should of course try to help people who are misindentified but the religious answer to this problem is outside my scope of knowledge.)

The only way to be Jewish is to be born from a Jewish mother, or to convert according to a Beit Din (Jewish court) that is recognized by the Torah-observant Rabbinic establishment of the time.

Since today:

…it is unknown how many Jews in name are actually considered Jewish in Jewish law.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Dr. Blumenthal hereby releases the contents of this blog post into the public domain. Photo via Pixabay is free, but not public domain.

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