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Sarah Ashcraft: “Who Are The Hivites?” (Nov. 10, 2017)

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  1. Someone just asked me “Who are the #Hivites?” Answer: All of the terrorists in the entire world, including ISIS & Antifa, and every deep state ever, are part of an ancient Babylonian cult family who have dominated&ruled every civilization on earth since biblical times 6000+years.
  2. They claim they descend directly from the garden of Eden through Cain’s line, & that Cain’s parents were actually Lilith (the female 1/2 of God in Talmudic tradition) & a demon she made (aka the serpent or the devil).
  3. Cain was the first murderer, and one of the #Hivite mantras is “Murder is death, death is murder” meaning that none of them die a natural death, everyone in the cult is murdered, because they aim to overturn & corrupt everything that is “natural.”
  4. Later in the line of Cain, we reach Joseph in Genesis (of the technicolor dreamvcoat fame, not the step father of Jesus). Jospeph marries a woman named Asenath who is a Hivite priestess, described in Apocryphal texts as a “pagan” who undergoes a “ritual” with bee hive elements.
  5. This is to ‘convert’ Asenath from her #Hivite pagan occultist pedo rapist human sacrificing heritage so that she can marry Joseph. She and Joseph end up ruling over the Isrealites during the exile in Ancient Egypt.
  6. They give birth to a son, Ephraim, and later in this line comes Noah and his wife Naomi of the Ark fame. This is how the #Hivite culture married into State rule (Egypt) & found it’s way into the modern era after the great flood (through the #Hivite priestess Naomi).
  7. Mary, mother of Jesus is descended from Naomi through Kind David/Solomon. Thus, Jesus, like me, was born into a #Hivite family & was likely tortured & dissociated as a child just like I was. This practice has perpetuated itself in FAMILIES since Babylon.
  8. I believe Jesus woke up from the mind control, started teaching people to resist #Hivite control, & they crucified him (ritual sacrifice) & co-opted his message of self-reliance/empowerment & personal direct relationship with God and twisted it, just as he warned they would do.
  9. The #Hivites twisted Jesus’ message, which IS THE WAY to break free of the Hivite control mechanisms, and they replaced it with a narrative that served THEM better; one of self-sacrifice and service to evil #Hivites.
  10. He was teaching people how to GET OUT of the mind control and resist the #Hivite civic power mechanisms. By teaching people not to look to other humans as external authority on God, and instead look within because the #TRUTH resonates, which doesn’t require external authority.
  11. The bloodline of the #Hivite culture by this time had made its way into many families and was expanding across the globe. The ancient #Phoenician culture was openly #Hivite, with normalized pedophilia and public human ritual sacrifice. All to consolidate civic power and control.
  12. Every royal family on earth, every alternative religion, every deep state ever, every Terrorist organization on Earth, every culture & community everywhere have been infiltrated by these #Hivite families. That is their method -hide in everything & subvert all to get total control
  13. Because they’ve not yet been identified as a single group, they have been able to pit humanity against itself with false dichotomies, identity politics (race baiting anyone?), appeals to authority and other fallacies that fuel tension and aggression among the masses. #Hivites.
  14. Currently, as far as I can tell, they call themselves “OLD SCHOOL.”
  15. They claim to follow the “true” religion of Abraham, and they describe Abraham as a “friend of God” which should be taken literally, as if Abraham was “God’s” contemporary. They also call themselves “Children of God” and “The Family.”
  16. What I think this means is that there was a dude who could do these mind control tactics. He taught them to Abraham and convinced him it was a supernatural power. I’m struggling with my faith and understanding of God because of the spiritual abuses I suffered.

Additional Tweets from Sarah in response to questions about this thread.

Nov. 10, 2017

  1. Many know the #Hivites by other names, such as “the 13th illuminati blood line” or the “lost tribe of isreal” and they are all connected and coordinated with each other. Even now, ISIS, Antifa, Elites, The Royal Families, the Masons and every other secret society ARE #Hivites
  2. Their aim is to achieve “the great work” (ie: NWO, one world gov’t under “benevolent despotism”) – which would only serve THEM in seizing total control of humanity, normalizing pedophilia &ritual human sacrifice, & depopulating Earth through mass extermination of humanity (90%)
  3. They are the only terrorists and they are all FAMILY. They lure non-family members into the cult too, but it is families who perpetuate the practice and keep it working in the world through their bloodlines. They obsess over genetics and strictly control who is allowed to “breed”
  4. They intermarry all the time and have several unique genetic markers (like Ashkenazi DNA and Coloboma of the eye). They obsess over the “reptile brain” aka amygdala because it houses the pineal gland (Reptilians anyone?)
  5. They push false narratives (like reptilians and Satan and whatever works best at the moment) to incite fear &outrage in order to control the masses. They trick the public into thinking they need #Hivite leaders to protect them when in reality they only need protection FROM them.
  6. But this is all just part of the false narratives to make them seem superhuman & externally powerful & authoritative – the rituals and practices are nothing more than self hypnosis and mind control of people who were all tortured the same way I was as children.#Dissociation
  7. So the biblical apocalypse is better understood as the #EsotericApocalypse. This will all be revealed now and it will be the end of the world as we know it. We are witnessing the tribulation right now.
  8. They play humanity and culture like an alternate reality game (ARG anyone?) and it’s ALWAYS a “choose your own adventure” game, where free will reigns supreme & they let you make your own choices (even though heavily influenced by post-hypnotic suggestion)
  9. They goad the masses into killing each other, and they are happy when people die. They want only enough people alive to serve them. When the population grows too large, the people rise up and oppose them, and their constructed civilization falls (Babylon, Egypt, #Phoenicia etc)
  10. I say #Phoenicia because this is the last society in which they existed openly and practiced these methods of torture, mind control, and human sacrifice for consolidation of civic power.
  11. They have deliberately obscured their existence and their practices throughout history to ensure their survival and they perpetuate their system in a terrifyingly successful way through torture and mind control of their own children.
  12. My family tells me that we are descended from this same line, from Abraham by way of David/Solomon and on through Mary, mother of Jesus. My family also claim Constantine & Charlemaigne (i.e. ROME) as ancestors.
  13. So all of these monarchies and evildoers and terrorist are all one group: #Hivites. They hide in EVERYTHING and their goal is to corrupt and destroy everything and anything natural. They model themselves after Bee/Hive themes, they have queens and drones and workers.
  14. In their eyes, This IS the Apocalypse as described in the biblical book of Revalations – Apocalypse = the uncovering of something hidden, a revealing of that which has been obscured.
  15. They are currently staging the final “Epic battle between good and evil” and it will be up to humanity to decide the outcome. They have been luring people into their fold with empty promises of power and immortality. All eventually come to see the big lie – it’s all deception.
  16. A #Hitive named #Zoroaster brought this practice into what is now Iran (ISIS anyone?) and the Zoroastrian theology is very close to the doctrine they follow today = Dualism.
  17. They have infiltrated our government at all levels including the military, and they have been actively working to euthanize 90% of humanity. They are into epigentics and eugenics and illegal human experimentation (MKUltra anyone?)
  18. That’s #hivites in a twitter nutshell. I am happy to answer any questions you may have, as best I can. I am choosing to speak about this because I hope by NAMING it and bringing it out into the light (Revelation) this evil practice can finally STOP and humanity can survive.
  19. Some additional thoughts: they use symbols like the butterfly to denote Monarch MK ultra programming. They use cats to denote Beta sex slave mk ultra programming. They call themselves Lions, Snakes, and reptiles. They worship will and intellect above all and are Godless.
  20. They do a self sacrifice and rebirth (resurrection) ritual. Once you complete it, you are “Born Again” in the awareness of the cult. From what I can tell, I believe that, to them, I’ve done this now by waking myself up from the mind control.
  21. My father imbued me with enough information about this group and their lineage to put this all together on my own, from my own memories, and it seems to be confirmed by the evidence that is coming out now.
  22. You may also know the #Hivites by other names: freemasons, illuminati, Khazarian, Ashkenazi, Antifa, Isis, Mormon, Scientology, Roman catholic, Muslim brotherhood, CIA, monarchy, deep state, shadow government, luciferian, etc. They will never identify themselves as #Hivites.
  23. They eat flesh and kill babies because it desecrates everything natural. They use blood for parabiosis to try and live forever, but “not dying” to them is not the same as living forever as we have come to understand it. Everything they do and say is SYMBOLIC.
  24. All of their methods are just mind control. I do not believe they wield any real, metaphysical power. I believe their rituals give the members a false experience, through drugs and self hypnosis, that make members FEEL something that they then gaslight you into believing is real.
  25. I also know for a Fact that faith in God as described by Jesus & following Christ-like principals is the ONLY way to survive & break free of this cult. They use vice & desire to ensnare you. They leverage relationships and attachments to control you. CHRIST SHOWED HOW TO RESIST.
  26. You don’t have to believe Jesus was the son of God to follow christ. The teachings and words attributed to Jesus are what matter most for breaking the psychological chains of mind control these people use.
  27. They are also responsible for the New Age movement, Born Again Christianity, and likely all of the cults you are familiar with.
  28. Here’s a #Hivite doozy of a lie: G.O.D. = Guild of Doom. One head at the top of the pyramid is God (most powerful hivite aka most awful person of them all who’s done any and everything to gain that position) 12 other heads at “the table” then on down the pyramid from there.

Nov. 11, 2017

  1. Also, you can spot a #Hivite pretty easily. They usually have ancient symbols tattooed on their bodies, especially Phoenician & Egyptian symbols, or runic & viking symbols, anything ancient & esoteric is what they cling to #Hivites Know how2 spot them them, know how2 stop them.
  2. ou can also spot a #Hivite by their behavior. They use mind control tactics (look this up to guard against it). They talk fast, pressure you to make decisions, they throw you off & then ask you to make split decisions.
  3. They gravitate to sales and often are in the real estate field. Beware anyone who talk s too much and then pressures you to make a decision, especially a big one! This is suggestion and mind Control!
  4. They use neuro-linguistic programming tactics and are often in positions of authority (addicted to seretonin, dopamine, and adrenalin) they are rude and uncaring, fake, and dishonest. LEARN HOW TO SPOT THEM, LEARN HOW TO STOP THEM.

Nov. 12, 2017

  1. No, the #Hivites were planning to do this later with an invasion of Saudi Arabia, China, and Russia. It’s happening in the reverse of what they were planning. Trump is foiling them by forcing their end game to execute early and without their allies/funding.
  2. I meant invasion of the USA by China, Russia, and Saudi Arabit. Just to clarify. That was the training I received. Some real Red Dawn s–t.
  3. But yes, 100% agreed we are watching the end of the “most competitive Luciferian game ever played” great way to put it.
  4. Or I guess I don’t know precisely what cube worship means, but if you’re referring to the Kabbalic “Metatrons Cube” then 100% this is their ideology. Again, not my beliefs, just what they indoctrinated me with. I can’t speak to objective reality until I have my own experiences.
  5. IMHO, all considerations like 5G, interdemensional beings, reptilians, project blue beam, or any other sci-fi element is likely to be a #Hivite disinfo false narrative designed to perpetuate their control once existing false narratives are debunked. Won’t believe ’til I see it.
  6. They wrote the Gnostic gospels &(I believe) made up the Annunaki/Nephilum/Reptilians &other false narratives to obscure &hide their existence. They only need the sacrifice ritual to secure and consolidate political and civic power. They are pedophiles and want to normalize it.
  7. “Not dying” to them means everyone in the cult is murdered, no one dies a natural death. Living forever is in name only. The first death is when your body dies. The second death is the last time someone speaks your name. Whoever is most famous lives longest & is therefore God.
  8. Donald Trump, the new Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, Vladimir Putin, and the leaders of China, S Korea, Phillipines, and Japan are ALL working together to fight them and give control back to the people.
  9. I would say a fake alien invasion is their play at this point. “See, we were trying to protect you from scary aliens, you need a one Human government to protect you from aliens.” This feels more like the last ditch play they might make now, to me anyway.
  10. QAnon latest post confirms everything I’ve been saying about bloodlines, occultism, etc. #Hivites at the root. I feel validated. Thank you.
  11. I just can’t see how this current happening serves their purpose. So I’m not expecting an “anti-Christ” to come forward claiming to be the second coming. I know this, they programmed MANY of us to have “Messiah” archetype, &anyone claiming to be the second coming is prob #Hivite
  12. I totally agree & I think at this point its a digital ARG like Cicada 3301, Sara is Missing / Ephraim is missing (which freaks me out because I’m worried the Sara is missing game might be about me and others like me named Sara in this cult). They def have some kind of APB ability
  13. I bet we are going to find out a LOT about their tactics very soon. It will be worse and not as bad as we imagine. Worse because it’s fucking atrocious what they do. Not as bad as we imagine because they have no real metaphysical power IMHO, #justATheory
  14. Trump is certainly looking like a good guy at the moment. We’ll just have to see if he f–s it up by trying to be a dictator after. If not, then he’s all good with me!
  15. Sheeple, to be precise, and normies and cattle and eaters. They are so narcissistic and condescending. And yes, the TRUTH resonates, so if it doesn’t feel true, it’s probably not true. And yes, they are panicked and reacting very pathologically at the moment, which is good for us.
  16. I didn’t see anything that jumped out at me, and I’m not familiar enough with the term “cube worship” and what it means. I think Mecca will not be touched since SA has cleared house and is allied with us. No need to destroy religious relics if the overlords are no longer in power.
  17. YES! My father told me we are connected to Nimrod somehow. I still need to do more research on this, but the names Nimrod and Nebuchadnezar were part of my indoctrination.
  18. But I’m open to changing my mind if you have insight that I may me blind to at the moment. I think the importance of Mecca has more to do with the rivalry between Jews (Sara/Isaac/Israel) and Muslims (Hagar/Ishmael/Mecca). I welcome any additional comments on this concept.
  19. Agreed. My faith is unshakable. I don’t try to impose my ideas or will on anyone else, that’s what they do. But I never question when someone expresses their belief even if it differs from mine, because I believe it is that person’s truth, who am I to judge?

Nov. 13, 2017

  1. Wanda, as I said, I’m not here to convince anyone of anything, I’m here to share what I know from the way the #Hivites indoctrinated me. You are welcome to your beliefs, just don’t push them on me or make assumptions about mine, please. Not blocking, just setting a boundary.
  2. You misinterpret me again, and this is the last time I’m going to respond in this. I make no claims regarding objective truth. I am explaining what I was told and what I witnessed as a survivor of #Hivite cult abuse. Period. I’m not proselytizing. You are. I’m moving on now.

Posted by Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy) in the public interest. All opinions belong to the individual expressing them.

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