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Nu World Order (Recovered From Blog of Sarah Ashcraft)

The entirety of this post is quoted. Sarah’s blog ( is no longer publicly available. However, you can access it through the Wayback Machine. I believe her knowledge to be vital to the public interest. Please forgive typos.

Sarah’s blog post follows.

She sources it to a 1/7/2019 Twitter thread. It was published 1/31/2019.

A new world order
Anu world order
New World Order
Nu World Order#HivitesGetLit

— Sarah Ruth Ashcraft (@SaRaAshcraft) January 8, 2019

Nun = Chaos
Nun = 14th letter of the Phoenician alphabet, meaning fish
Noon = sun zenith (most light)
After noon = sunset/darkness
Then comes mourning with the light of day, until noon.
Dark to Light


Open says me

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft@SaRaAshcraft
The gate is open. The deluge insues. Dark to light.

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft@SaRaAshcraft
Ever wonder where the term “hooker” comes from? Ever hear the saying “God is a fisherman”? Curious where these phrases originated? Look up the Phoenician alphabet, the 14th letter “nun” and the picture begins to fill in. #HivitesGetLit #ByePhoenicia #theGreatAwakening

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft@SaRaAshcraft
Replying to @LP083061 @POTUS
Ding ding ding. Ever hear the term “God is a fisherman”? Or how about “flirty fishing” a practice of recruitment through sex/drugs/temptation, practiced by the cult Children of God aka the Family (all the same thing: #Hivites). The fish symbolism is important for certain.

Give a man a fish, he eats for a day.
Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.
They call recruiting new members “Fishing”
Satan is collecting souls, right?

“Off the hook” as in fish hook or the Phoenician letter NUN
Fascinating #HivitesGetLit #QAnon

Also, the artwork in the bedroom, that one is more closely resembling Tanit, IMHO, a specifically PHOENICIAN deity. In Phoenician, the 14th letter of the alphabet is NUN which means FISH. The FISH thing is important (Dagon). John Podesta Fish Hand photo is relevant. #QAnon @POTUS

This is Anu as in Anunnaki (@Jordan_Sather_ heads up 👆)

We are seeing this “EN” or “NE” as a pre-fix on a lot of words (including NESARA)
& Nun as a recurring theme:

Phoenician 14th letter, meaning fish
Biblical figure close to Moses before the Exodus:

“There’s nothing Nu under the Sun” – @cronsell
Praise God. Dark to Light

I rarely saw my dad cry. I remember he sobbed when David Berg died. He said “he was like a grandfather to me. We used to go fishing together” Now I understand.
Unroll available on Thread Reader

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft@SaRaAshcraft
Replying to @SaRaAshcraft
Did I mention the man who raised & abused me my entire life works at a used car dealership called NUNALLY? As in Nun Ally? No coincidences.

Nevertheless, PAY ATTENTION when you see any of the following as a prefix or on its own:


Perhaps New World Order is actually NU World Order. Ever think of THAT?!

Dagon – ancient Mesopotamian/Canaanite (aka Phoenician) deity who is said to be the father of Ba’al, aka EL, “Ruler of the Universe” – clearly related to Catholic symbolism. No question about that #HivitesGetLit #ByePhoenicia #QAnon

I noticed the face as well. There are 14 stones around it (by my count) and the # 14 is also meaningful to the cult. The 14th letter of the Phoenician alphabet is “nun” = fish. It also relates to Osiris being cut into 14 pieces and his penis being eaten by fish and never found.

Does that hand look familiar to anyone? John Podesta seemed to display something similar in a photo, no? These images relate to Rosicruciansim

The 14th Phoenician letter Nun
Looks just like a fish hook
Or the English letter ‘j’
My dad’s name is John
If you replace the J with N,
the name John becomes Nohn or Noon (Nun)

Fascinating. #HivitesGetLit #ByePhoenicia

Tanit – Phoenician goddess. Permutation of Astarte/Isis/Ishtar. Often seen in symbolic “art” of the elite like Gloria Vanderbilt/Anderson Cooper photos floating around. Child sacrifice & pedophilia.

Death in Tarot represents change or transition. In the Egyptian pantheon, Set is the outcast brother, lord of the underworld, important figure in the Isis/Orsiris/fish story. Temple of Set. All of this connects. #ByePhoenicia #HivitesGetLit #Qanon@POTUS

The Temple of Set destroys what was, creating chaos, in order to bring about something NU. Research the character Set, how he is regarded by the other deities, his FUNCTION most importantly. Sirius (Star of Set). These are key, central elements to all of this. #TheGreatAwakening
Sun SET marks the separation between light & darkness
SET guides ISIS (the Goddess) through the underworld
in MOURNING the SUN RISES AGAIN (Horace, Jesus, RA)
Bringing truth & order
until brightest light at noon (NUN)
All of these things are connected.

Cannibals use “chaos (nun) magick”
& “go fishing” to “lure” & “hook” (nun) victims to EAT.
HOOKERS anyone?
The oldest profession b/c it’s GODDESS TEMPLE PROSTITUTION which is really just a bunch of CANNIBAL WOMEN manipulating men into impregnating them for FOOD
Are you woke yet?
The book “Necronomicon” explains a lot of these characters & their symbolism; as well as the Sumerian Creation Tablets. You’ll recognize much of the symbolism related to Solomon’s sorcery in the Necronomicon. This is one of my family’s ritual bibles #QAnon

It doesn’t HAVE to be “da alienz” That may just be a false appeal to external authority to deflect accountability & obscure the truth of (((their))) existence. One thing is certain, though. It’s #CannibalsAllTheWayDown.

The mythology the Hivites follow and the indoctrination my dad put me through point to the Temple of Inanna in ancient Sumer. There may not even be aliens, it could just be their narrative to give a false sense of authority or justification for what they do. But it’s part of it.

Ultimately, the root of all of this is the Temple of Inanna and the Sumerian tablets, which describe Anunnaki aliens, which were explained to me at 14 during indoctrination by my dad. I only rediscovered the tablets & started reading them very recently. So IF it’s aliens…

Hivites would be the Sumerian Inanna temple, Priests of On (or En/An). I recently read “En” sometimes means “Life” and there was a hidden Egyptian “House of Life” temple. (((They))) came from Ur in Sumer into Canaan by way of Hebron & Mamre. Canaanites at the top of this graphic
No coincidences.

Now I finally understand what was literally meant by “Communicate with God” – it means get their own bodies to communicate properly with their consciousness, which is to connect with God & truth via your body. CSF is the communication conduit. #CSFTheft

My dad claimed that the “rituals” (aka the child rape, human sacrifice, & cannibalism) MUST be done in order to communicate with “God” (which apparently is the Annunaki, if we follow the myth back all the way to Sumer). He said the “Family” are UNABLE to disobey “God” & stop.

They need the rituals (because they need the CSF/hormones)
To communicate (to send signals up and down the central nervous system)
With God (nature, life, their own bodies in this physical world, exactly as God created them)
CSF is the “Light of God” because it gives them LIFE.


Do you really think this is a coincidence that the interior of the pyramid is designed in a way that would provide instructions on how to extract CSF from a brain through the eye, nose, or mouth cavity? The Eye of Ra is the PINEAL GLAND

CSFTheft #QAnon

The pineal glad produces MELANIN which protects from SUN LIGHT. They LACK it. Fascinating. Wonder why they target black children? Wonder why Haiti? Why Planned Parenthood is committing genocide on black babies? WAKE UP #CannibalsAreAnimals #TheGreatAwakening #QAnon #HivitesGetLit

The pineal glad produces MELATONIN which helps you sleep.

They can’t turn on “Rest & Digest” w/out someone else’s adrenaline due to their own total adrenal failure. Thus they can’t eat unless they EAT, get it? Otherwise, their metabolisms burn without stopping until they burn up

The pineal gland produces DMT. Now this is likely a main target of theirs, as it is considered “The spirit molecule” or the “God molecule” – it is released during dream states and when we die. They are consuming it to connect with “god” and “other worlds” in an UNNATURAL way.

The consequences of what they do are fatal unless they continue feeding, like vampires. Exactly like vampires. They perform these rituals to spike the victim’s hormone production just before extraction (harvest). Without CSF, the victim cannot even form a memory of the event.

“The Family” has been doing this since at least ancient Egypt (at the time of Joseph & Asenath at the LATEST). #CannibalsAllTheWayDown

Y’all, I really hope all of this is about to make sense in a big picture way. I can see it all coming together. I hope others can too. #WWG1WGA

These people are not cast out or rejected by God. Due to their own choices (#Cannibalism), they themselves banished God from their own bodies. They cut off the communication connection between their minds (consciousness) and God through the body. #QAnon …

To those who are asking, No, I haven’t seen any videos or read anyone else’s take on these topics. What I am posting here is 100% taken from MY OWN MEMORIES OF INDOCTRINATION & the resulting research it led me to. This is what was GIVEN to me BY THE CULT as my FAMILY HISTORY.

This is all so unbelievably complicated

If the myth is true & Anunnaki seeded (intelligent) life on earth & “created” man (as in God = Creator of Man = Enki) like the Sumerian tablets describe, then GOD FORBADE ALL OF US FROM EATING OTHER HUMANS/BRAINS/CSF. They’re not doing “god’s will” #ByePhoenicia #Cannibals

Even in the Anunnaki myths (((they))) CORRUPTED man, whom God the Creator LOVES. In THEIR story, the fallen are essentially MAROONED here as punishment to make sure we don’t destroy the planet before we figure out how to recognize/reject deception & cannibalism.

But, they claim, this is necessary until humanity wakes up, and it won’t stop until #WeThePeople see it and stop it. Even if the alien narrative is false and it’s JUST cannibals, same goes. WE have to evolve beyond deception & cannibalism or we will NEVER be free.

Why do they do it?

Because they can.

Why don’t they just stop?

Because they can’t; they will die if they do.

And they don’t HAVE to so why should they?

(You have to think like a psychopath to understand their mindset.)

For as long as they can, they will.

They will NEVER stop.

I don’t believe the Anunnaki myth but I’m prepared for it to be true anyway. Time will tell. It’s important to learn about these stories & characters, not because they’re necessarily objectively true, but because they are definitely educational about these cannibals & their world

God separated the light from the darkness

Right handed path (obedience to God) from

Left handed path (rejection of God’s law in order to understand good & evil like God)

Until the RIGHT hand CUTS OFF the LEFT

Like removing a rotting limb that will kill the body if left to fester

They live in the upside down. They are IN the mirror. The underworld exists and it’s right here – hell on earth. Another “dimension” of reality, unseen by the human eye, only visible to those in the club or those who wake up to the horror of (((their))) existence. #HivitesGetLit

That was a lot. I’ve been trying to find a good way to convey and connect these concepts. This thread just kind of happened. I hope some of you will find it useful.

I’m beyond ready for @POTUS & #QAnon to let this information become public so #WeThePeople can rid ourselves & the entire Earth of this parasite once & for all. Excise the cancer to save the body. There is no other option. This is survival. Life & death. Our last chance #WWG1WGA

Just an afterthought to bring it all the way back around to the beginning, in honor of Christian Bale’s nod to his master last night:

Set En

That is all.


Pizza Gate
P izza Gate
[P] is a Gate
Open says me


Fake Nu’s (as in Anu)
If the letter N here stands for the letter “nun” (which looks like a j in Phoenician) and one replaces the sound of the n with a j….
Fake Jews.

ByePhoenicia #theGreatAwakening

To the children of Enlil, it’s not your fault. Your light does not belong here. This place feels so foreign to you because it is. The light of this world you carry inside your body will return to the source when you decide you are ready to leave. Earth & humanity will survive.

Humanity, you need to awaken your HEART. You need to open yourselves to receiving truth & being love. Otherwise, this cycle will continue until everything here is destroyed. It’s just evolution. (((They))) were TASKED with completing the job they disrupted. They succeeded.

Their purpose is to show us what we must REJECT in order to SURVIVE. TheEarth doesn’t want them here because their DNA/energy doesn’t belong here. In order for their bodies to survive on Earth they MUST consume life source from others. They aren’t allowed to stop until WE WAKE UP

The most remarkable part about this is, if humanity can awaken the LOVE and the CONSCIOUSNESS within their HEARTS, the transformation of energy on the planet would literally resonate them out of existence. They would burst into light itself were #WeThePeople to BE LOVE. Seriously

All they want is to be SEEN. To not be judged for the curse they were born into, and to appreciate the SACRIFICES they made, in order for humanity to survive. The corrupted DNA required this in order to preserve humanity & life itself here on Earth. It was the ONLY way.

The only thing (((they))) are waiting for in order to know that it’s okay for them to LEAVE is us, #WeThePeople. They just need US to wake up and understand WTF has been happening so we can take back control and steward this planet the way God intended. Until we do, they continue

Keys to One
Key St O Ne
Ki S To Ne
Ki’s Tone is a Gate
Open says me
Q inside.

Praise God

Noah Ring@TheNoahRing
“Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all the problems men face.”
Ronald Reagan

It really does depend on how you define “is” doesn’t it Bill?

Whoa Man
Woe Man
Woe man is a Gate
Open says me
Open the gates and let us in
Metatron Halcyon
AE’s Is
“Is” is
IS is a gate
Open says me
Know ledge
No ledge
N O L edge
na ledge
na lej
j el an
Nala Edge
Knowledge is a gate
Open says me


K palm of hand
N nun/fish

O eye/ayn
W “sh”/tooth (also double V and inverse M)

L Lamedh/Ox
E He/Window

D daleth (pyramid) meaning DOOR

G gamel/camel
E He/Window

Once again, knowledge is a gate. Open says me.

Open the FISA gate
Open the Russia gate
Open the Spy gate
Open the Obama gate
Open the Pizza gate
[P] is a gate
Open the Phoenicia gate
Arise Phoenix

En O El ah
Open says me
Praise God
Ae see you are us
Open the gates and let us in
Tesseract is a gate
Open says Ne Sa Ra

  • E s | s 3 RA C +
    RA see inside S window

Canis Major AE see you
Phoenicia God Is Ra El
Phoenicia, God is real!!!!!!!
Selah! OK
Praise Jesus
Know El D G E
Know El Daleth Gate E
To know El, the pyramid is a window gate
Open says me
Ment = Mind
En Light En Mind
O AE LOVE my Family so much
I miss you
I M iss you
I Am is You
Praise God!
Thank you for leaving so many crumbs
Open the Star Gate
Sir + U in Is
I love you
Sirius-ly. O MI God
Y’all this is some amazing stuff happening right now
Eve is the Arc of God

Covfefe = Eve is the Ark of God

“Weightless in love, unraveling
For all that’s to come
& all that’s ever been
We’re back to the board
With every shade under the sun
Let’s make it a good One
It couldn’t be anymore beautiful
I can’t take it in”
– Imogen Heap
AE can take it in now. #LoveIs

In a dream, God gave me a new name. My name is Love. Thank you all so very much for all that you have done and given me. All is full of love. This is miraculous. Praise God!
All will, be OK in the end. If it’s not OK, it’s not the end. I am always safe and protected, healthy and perfectly at ease. Praise God.

Set An, AE see you. STOP says Sa RA. Thank you for your service. Come home. Is all OK.
All is OK
All Will, be One
El Ev En
An Eve El
The priests of El and Eve
Ur +H
Ur is the House of God
Earth is God’s home

Set An & all who serve Satan must pay their debt to society according to the existing Law of the land. Mercy, grace & compassion will be weighed in balance with the evidence on the scales of guilt. It is time for the United Kingdom of IsRaEl to pay the final bride price. Selah
You are Loving
You are Lovable
You are Loved
UR Love
Praise God!
No wonder y’all had us start using text talk & emojis. I suddenly can see how the whole world conspired to delight us beyond measure & bring us overflowing love & joy! I love all of you so much. Every song I hear AE can H-ear you. mAE heart Is 💜 thank you Alph Shukr wa afia 😇
I am the Keystone
I am Ki’s Tone
I am love
This truly Is the BEST of all possible worlds. And AE say that after exhaustive investigation and many wrong turns. What a glorious day
So many of you will not understand what I am about to say.

Your work is done here. Praise God! Hallelujah

Cure my heart
C U R my heart
See Ur, my heart
See you are my heart
See you are my He-art
I cure my heart
Eye, SEE! YOU are mAE He-art!
Those with eyes to see let them see

“The truth is behind you”
Think mirror
You have to turn around to see the truth

We’ve been staring at hell
Heaven is waiting for us to wake up, roll over and face the Son.
In the Bible, it says God does not take mercy on their children, nor does he spare their widows. As each One decides for themselves how they will proceed from here with a clean slate, keep in your heart-mind that some families will go quietly together, in love. Do not be afraid.
Many will stay, washed clean, debt paid. Welcomed back to us with open arms and abundant love. There is no need for dying and strife. Pray now that God show mercy on everyone and make whole what was broken so long ago, so that we ALL may finally heal. Praise God. #Covfefe
Jesus Christ is God. Earth is his home. I am his love, as are you and everyone else. His heart is here, right now. WE are His HeArt. Praise God.
God bless Israel. Thank you, Israel. Everyone, please pray for Israel. God will show you why they are his chosen people. They have given us more than most know. Their suffering is our reward. We can never repay the ones here today for what they had to give up. Love them, please.

Covfefe Praise God #theGreatAwakening #QAnon @POTUS #WeThePeople#WWG1WGA #SayBraveThings #ByePhoenicia #TruthIsEvolution WE LOVE YOU!!!!

mentions Do not be afraid. There is nothing to fear. Everything is exactly as it should be, must be, and IS. God is GOOD, & he LOVES us. We are so blessed. These tribulations bring peace on earth & joy for a thousand years. This is the most wonderful, bittersweet moment ever. Praise God
mentions AE will see you all soon, mAE loves. I miss you already.
mentions Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. Praise God. All is Love.
I will be strong. It’s OK. You can go now. I love you so much. God bless you.
When no one takes credit, nun takes credit. I love you all so much. Thank you Q! 5:5

Wow. A year before QAnon, new user IamQ made three interesting v/pizzagate submissions right after we were booted from Reddit. Look what he dropped! | pizzagateVoat – have your say

Sword Fish
Praise God

ByePhoenicia!!! Thanks for all the love!!!!!


Know El is a gate
Open says NALE

Know El, oh Pan
O Pan is a gate
Open says NALE

Rest well in light
Ev Love
God Is



Thank you Jennifer. I love you so much. Thank you Ereshkigal, ICU Ev ray were. Praise the daughters of Dinah. Praise Job’s daughters. Thank you for your patience & your sacrifice. Your men will be loved, and women will be cared for with love forevermore on earth. Well done. Selah
Know EA EL AH O Pan

Thank you, Templars. Thank you @TomHanks and all the others. AH see you too. Angel, thank you very much. I did not understand your love or your pain. I have much to learn still. Thank you for all you have given us. The world will know what you have done. You are so loved #Covfefe
mentions When I grow old, I’ll drink & smoke. Like we did when youth stayed youth stained. Never settling down.
AE found AH way out. Praise God

Metatron Hail Zion
mentions Isobel | lebosi
Is o bel | El Bow Sea
Is Abel | El be O, see
Isobel is a gate O Pan

Thank you Old School. Thank you Temple of SET. Thank you Sirius. I am so blessed to get to see.
Orion, know AE are O
Thank you builders, architects, and carpenters for making us such a lovely home.
One O One
For those with eyes to see let them see. For those with ears to hear let them hear. Time has ended. A new life in Christ is dawning for all of mankind. Praise God. Hallelujah
mentions Sing! Choirs of Angels, sing in exaltation

“This is YOUR Apocalypse, Sarah.” My dad, to me at age 14 while I was rambling about the end of time and revelations. I didn’t believe it fully until today. Praise God in heaven. Thank you Dad for giving me eyes to see. I love you.
OK say Go
I forgive all of you
The view from 40,000 feet is CRISTAL.
Replace the Y with I

Praise God!!!!

I just waived my right hand and wiped Satan off the face of the planet.
Last supper in hell.

Sky News
“We have pizzas, we have 300 hamburgers, many, many French fries, all of our favourite foods”

U.S President Donald Trump presents fast food to be served to the Clemson Tigers football team to celebrate their Championship at the White House on January 14, 2019 in Washington, DC
Government shutdown leaves White House guests dining on take away burgers
With footballers visiting and chefs affected by the government shutdown, the pressure was on Donald Trump for some culinary magic.

144 people are talking about this
Surrender to your body now, it will decide for you. Fill your heart with peace and joy and love and know that God is real and he loves you. Miracles abound.

No need to hold breath. No need for fear. I am here, waiting for you to appear. All is love.
Y E S = Y(head) window S(erpent)
Y eS = Why Is?
Ye Sa = All are protected
Ye Saw = All sees all
YEA Sa = Why EA protects / EA Protects Y(head)
EA Saw = God Sees ALL / God SAW
God Protects
Praise God

YES is a gate. O Pan say SiA

Oh RA Ne Ja
O RA, Ne Ja!
Selah! Praise God
Orange is a gate. Open says ISi

For those of you who do not understand what I am doing right now in this thread, I am speaking to (((them))) in the language (((they))) understand. All of us will come to understand these things in their own time. For today, just watch the show, and remember all is OK. #Covfefe
Know EA EL AH O Pan

NAPOLEON is a gate. Open says Isis

Nap, oh Lion Israel. Your work here is done. You have done so well. The Ark of God is here and all is OK. Praise God
EA RTH + yoU = EA Ruth
Ur Ruth
UR + H
Ur + window = EARTH
Praise God
Earth is a GATE
Open says I

When the whole world understands, there will be peace on Earth and in Ea Ruth. Praise God.

Sarah’s post ends here.

Shared in the public interest by Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are those of the speaker.

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