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New Images: Savage Torture of Roma Girl In Ukraine

“Horrifying footage emerged yesterday in the comments sections of Ukrainian Telegram channels. A naked girl is beaten, forced to paint her face and they burn her hair. This morning all telegram channels had the comments section disabled.” 3/27/22 3/27/22 3/27/22 3/27/22

“This is a very short clip of that video of a Roma girl been tortured in Ukraine. I won’t be uploading the full thing here as she’s totally naked in it and it is WAY too graphic for even Twitters standards. She’s forced to paint her own face and her hair is lit on fire.”


Here are more recent photos of a similar nature:

RT reported 3/22/22:

“Photos of people in Ukraine being tied to lamp posts and sprayed with green antiseptic dye appeared on social media on Monday. According to reports, they were taken in the western city of Lviv.

“The victims are reportedly Roma (also known as Gypsies)….The green-colored substance is very difficult to wash away and can cause chemical burns to the eyes….there are claims on social media that they were only trying to steal food, as they were starving after escaping from Kiev.

“Some social media users say the harsh punishment was due to the victims’ nationality. The atrocious act has been blamed on members of Territorial Defense Forces, a recently established volunteer branch of the Ukrainian military.“ 3/24/22 3/24/22

“As they denounce the regime in Russia, and there is a lot to denounce, will they also decry the Ukrainian shooting of prisoners of war in the legs, the use of newly killed teenage conscripts’ phones to make mocking calls to their mothers, and the stripping of Roma children in order to beat them with dildos…? That the perpetrators have managed to portray themselves as the Avengers is a Marvel, indeed.”

David Lindsay


“While the Azov battalion officially denies adhering to white supremacist ideologies, Azov’s street patrol called National Militia were responsible for attacks on Roma in Ukraine in 2018.

Azov also plays a pivotal role in the global network of far-right, white-nationalist extremism; it “participated in training and radicalising United States–based white supremacy organizations” (according to a 2018 FBI affidavit).

“Azov needs to be recognised as the belligerently violent face of a racialised political order that is potentially dangerous. However, this would require holding the US accountable for its suspected support of Azov, and its refusal (along with Ukraine) to condemn the glorification of Nazism in a UN Resolution in 2017.”

“Roma…like other refugees, abandoned their homes and communities as fighting broke out across the country. But having reached borders of neighbouring states, they have found themselves subject to what some groups helping them have described as ‘ brutal’ discrimination. ‘Groups working on the ground at borders in Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary have confirmed discrimination to us, and also media reports have backed this up. Roma are facing discrimination both by border guards, and then local people once they get out of Ukraine. It’s very sad and disappointing, but not surprising,’ Zeljko Jovanovic, Director of the Roma Initiatives Office at the Open Society Foundation (OSF) told IPS.”

“Since the end of the Soviet Union, Roma have been subjected to regular and debilitating abuse, most grotesquely by the police.

“….Roma in Transcarpathia are subjected to police beatings in public and in custody, as well as to a series of invasive ‘prophylactic’ measures by the police which violate international law. Individual police officers have also committed Bross excesses, both in and out of uniform.

“Further, Roma in Transcarpathia have been subjected to a wide array of discriminatory administrative procedures, as well as to physical attack by non-Roma.

“Finally, the Ukrainian legal system has, in Transcarpathia, almost completely failed to provide redress when the rights of Roma have been violated.”

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By Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own.

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