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Updated: Zelensky’s Tough Spot

I went to synagogue yesterday for the Jewish Purim holiday after watching as Zelensky wore a version of the Nazi Iron cross to address Congress and — I thought — further incite World War 3 with Russia as his handlers l.

He was no doubt instructed to do this in between snorting the lines of coke they hand him.

Puppet strings.

Nobody in my world wants to believe that Zelensky is anything other than a Jewish hero. Please don’t make me vomit. This is natural — they are exposed to propaganda propping up this well-paid puppet nonstop.

After all Ukraine under Zelensky’s command opposed the U.N. Resolution condemning Nazism—along with the U.S.

I posted the Iron Cross issue and several other things to LinkedIn yesterday including a plea to stop the war.

This ultimately resulted in thousands of views, many people expressing agreement and some shock and outrage at my attacking their molten idol Zelensky.

Update: It looks like someone tried to hack my account. LinkedIn did not censor me. My account was restricted temporarily.

My posts included:

Warning people not to volunteer for their own demise (see one escapee’s video)

Tiki torches are a Ukrainian neo-Nazi thing, seen in Charlottesville

Biden trying to legally protect his very sick son Hunter Biden.

When things turn around remember these very sick people and who they covered for.

Look into links between Ukrainians fighting in Syria and ISIS fighting in Ukraine. Who exactly would promote that?

Look into funding streams for Ukrainians who should be formally designated as a foreign terrorist organization.

Look into talk of documenting war crimes when Ukrainians are hiding inside schools.

Whoops, they must be “safety officers.”


Censorship of Jimmy Dore (watch the end)

Censorship of Tulsi Gabbard.

By Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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