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We Can Save Humanity Together

March 13, 2022 — “God, open my lips and my mouth will praise you.” – Jewish prayer

We are just two days away from the Fast of Esther, on which Jewish people commemorate how we fasted and prayed that Queen Esther should be successful in entreating King Achashverosh to prevent the evil Haman’s slaughter of the Jews.

When Esther was afraid to get involved, Esther’s uncle Mordechai told her — God will save the Jews anyway. Do not think that you will escape our fate.

I believe that Haman was the same thing as the Deep State we encounter today.

With praise and begging God for mercy for humanity, I have some thoughts about what needs to happen right now that I will share in separate posts to keep the topics distinct.

March 13, 2022 – Topic 1: What should happen in Ukraine/Russia conflict?

Start here:  “No problem can ever be solved at the level of awareness at which it was created.” — Albert Einstein

  1. The way out of this is not to blame one side or the other, one person or the other, etc.
  2. The focus should be on ending suffering (incorporate Buddhist wisdom)
  3. Put responsible people in charge (Biden needs to step down due to family conflict of interest)
  4. Remove the incentive for hiding information (provide immunity to all concerned; put a time limit on the immunity)
  5. Stop all fighting
  6. Let the international community in for monitoring purposes only
  7. Address the issues:
    • Ukraine independent but demilitarized
    • Donbas allowed to annex itself to Russia (have a vote)
    • Agreement that Ukraine will not join NATO (Western powers)
    • Agreement that outside powers will not govern Ukraine by proxy
    • Agreement that all human rights violations in Ukraine will stop
    • Commitment from the international community to rebuild the infrastructure of Ukraine and promote the elements of independence and empowerment
    • Establish safeguards that end the use of Ukraine as a feeding trough
    • Working group to learn lessons of Ukraine as a model for other disempowered countries suffering from the same issues
    • Commitment to address explicit and implicit racism and other forms of bigotry in this process; nationalism should never equal dehumanization and attacks on the “other”

Topic 2: How should the U.S. handle the accusation about bioweapons laboratories in Ukraine?

“The best way out is always through” – Robert Frost

What to do next:

  1. The most important thing is the safety of the world. Form an international committee to seek out and destroy all bioweapons, anywhere they exist.
  2. For this committee to have teeth, there needs to be a guarantee of immunity and military protection to anyone who provides information as well as a severe punishment on the level of the death penalty for those who obstruct justice.
  3. There is no time for anyone to virtue signal and play the moral superiority card. Let’s assume that everyone did bad things and stop the cancel culture approach to solving problems.
  4. The communication approach ought be one of humility, transparency and rapid action rather than CYA. A website with a dot-gov address should be stood up with information and links to social media accounts disseminating information about status. Establish a single spokesperson for the effort.
  5. Involve citizens everywhere in the world in solving the problem that humanity created. How that happens is outside the scope of a brief post here, but crowdsourcing methods will be effective.

Topic 3: Love Not Hate

We need to rediscover our love for one another as human beings. When we separate out and stigmatize people for whatever reason (usually it’s that we have been fed false information or don’t understand them) we actively destroy the world itself. The approach to solving the problems we face has to be based on embracing one another rather than attacking one another. The words hurt as much as the actions because the words incite actions which are terrible.

Topic 4: Countering The International Security Threats Posed By Fake News, Propaganda and Psychological Operations
  1. We cannot counter the threats posed by fake news, propaganda and psychological operations unless we admit that the phenomena exist and the threats exist. I would go further and say that all three are a kind of weapon and need to be treated as such.
  2. The approach of designating certain information sources as authentic and helpful whereas others are inauthentic, fake, destructive, etc. is not working. This is because the information environment is itself a continual site of warfare such that the same institutions making a determination often have a financial, political or other stake in their version of the information.
  3. The simplest solution to a problem is usually the best solution. I believe in the power of crowdsourcing by empowering individuals to contribute information they have for assessment by the larger group. Technology can also assist us in identifying the reliability of information and it should be used.
  4. Censorship if employed at all should be based on clear, consistent and sensible criteria which are connected to the content itself rather than the individual. For example, a website that promotes harassment or incitement to violence could be a candidate for censorship but it is not socially helpful to muzzle an individual, who may become more reflective over time. When you cut people off from the group, you guarantee radicalization.
  5. Certain matters are the province of national security and should not be subjected to public inspection. There will always be information kept outside the public eye. Any strategy dealing with information warfare must take this into account, for example by forthrightly addressing certain rumors with a blanket statement: This is a matter about which we will not offer any comment.

Topic 5: Ending Organized Crime (a.k.a. the Deep State)

Painfully I say this: I am aware of people who are still being raped, chased, tortured and otherwise pursued by bad actors because they are considered the “property” of the bad actors but have chosen to break free and speak out. As I am not a journalist with the resources of an investigative team, I cannot verify the details of each and every story, but they all have the same features: born into it, unbelievable, horrific trauma and abuse, strange and terrifying things happening to them, unable to get help from the system much less restitution, mental torture.

How can we help these people if we grant immunity to bad actors sufficiently to gain access to the information we need?

  1. We need emergency shelters in every county, city and state for people who live in fear. Those shelters may be gigantic at first. But there has to be a way to get to safety and a system for signaling that one needs help to get to such a place. This is a priority not only for “deep state” victims but for anyone who is in serious danger and needs life-saving help.
  2. The systems we have established must all have “escape hatches” through which bad actors and bad acts can be reported. Organized crime thrives on silence. Surely we can develop an anonymous reporting method that would enable us to see, in real time, evidence of crimes against society.
  3. The collected evidence, pooled by computer, could generate a “heat map” to be used as an intervention tool. Anywhere in the network where organized crime appears (for example, the use of online ecommerce platforms for fraudulent transactions to move humans, drugs, arms, etc.) it can be shut down before a massive investigaction has to happen.
  4. The overall goal should be immediate response.
  5. The method must involve as little fanfare and bureaucracy as possible. It should be very unprofitable and very difficult to participate in organized criminal schemes.
  6. On a higher level we need to rethink the institutions tasked with conducting secret operations because those are the institutions where corruption can also hide.
  7. Organizational experts can rationally assist with streamlining and consolidating government agencies tasked with similar missions because stovepiping also provides an opportunity for valuable information to get dropped.
  8. We need to see organized crime for what it is, as a threat to all of us.
  9. It is imperative to understand that criminals with institutional power have the capacity to make themselves look good whereas the ones trying to stop them are bad.
  10. It would help if we turned to God and prayed. No scheme is more powerful than Him.

By Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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