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Updated: March 6, 2022: Hundreds of Jews Flee Beatings, Looting By Ukrainians In Zhytomyr

Report to 0404 was from non-governmental organization “Lev HaYeled”; R. Wilhelm/Chabad Denies; Could Be A Denial To Protect Remaining Jews.

3/9 — > Rabbi Wilhelm [or Vilhelm], who escorted the refugees to safety in Israel, denies the report.

3/9 –> “The NGO Lev Layeled (Heart for the Child) told 0404 that Jews in the town of Zhytomyr were threatened, harassed and physically beaten by locals looking to take advantage of the chaos caused by the war between Ukraine and Russia.”

3/9 —> A disturbing update: The local Chabad now says this story is fake news. I am sharing this information along with my suspicion that they are self-censoring, being censored, or are under pressure and Jews are the hostages if we say one wrong thing or make one false move. This is not a game.

Screenshot from related video showing Jewish people fleeing Ukraine The rabbi in the photo is Rabbi Wilhelm, who escorted the refugees to safety. He denies that there was looting and beatings. (Source for claim: “Rabbi Shlomo Wilhelm pleads for Jews to pray for the war to end,” March 2, 2022.

Related video from Ukraine [cover photo here is a screenshot], dated Wednesday, March 2, 2022, shows a bus full of Jewish people fleeing for their lives. The Jewish man in front, speaking in Hebrew, is pleading with God, exhausted and frustrated, asking how much more the people must take.

Screenshot from related video showing Jewish people fleeing Ukraine

“Precious Jews from all over the world. I turn to you from the depths of my soul. It is the eve of the new Jewish month of Adar, 5782. This is the tenth bus [?]. Every day, Jewish [people from this area?], men, women, and children, are leaving Zhytomyr and surrounding communities. From their homes. WHY? Why is it necessary to see tiny children crying? Why is it necessary to see Jewish mothers crying? What did we do? How much more of this do we have to take? Come forward and beseech on Rosh Chodesh [the new month] — ask God for the coming of the Redemption! This isn’t [?], this story. [?] Add a chapter of Psalms. Add good deeds. Add charity. Beg. Enough wars. Enough troubles. We want the Moshiach now. With God’s help, with joy and faith, the whole world will merit Mashiach this year, immediately.

Note: The original article, in Hebrew, has already been pulled from the Internet. This is the archived version, machine-translated (Google Translate) into English:


Screenshot from article

Article Title: “Watch The Chilling Video: Jews Flee On The Heels Of Ukrainians Who Are Beating Them”

Author: Yedidyah Cohen

Outlet: (Hebrew – Israeli)

Publication Date: March 6, 2022 (Shabbat – Saturday)

Video: by Rabbi Shlomo Vilhelm (who led the people to safety). One shows the people getting onto the plane to Israel. The other one shows them saying the Traveler’s Prayer for a safe journey.

“Lev Layeled managed to launch a last-minute operation in cooperation with the authorities to evacuate about 500 Jews from a small town in Ukraine called Zhytomyr.

“Members of the association said that the local Jews are fleeing specifically because of the local residents who turned against them: ‘In this town and its surroundings live a large community and a home for children and orphans run by Chabad and Lev Leilde. The children have all left and are in Romania in hotels or in Israel. On Thursday, the Ukrainians who worked at the orphanage began looting and beating the local Jews, the Ukrainian authorities called Chabad and told them they had to leave urgently to save their lives.

“Between Thursday and Friday the situation deteriorated, hundreds of Jewish families found themselves harassed and beaten by Ukrainians on the spot, we managed to rent buses and cars to evacuate them urgently to Romania where the Israelis were waiting for them.

“We got a call at 6am this morning (Sunday), asking for help again as more and more families are coming forward to leave everything behind and save their lives. Not only because of the bombings but also because of the locals turning against them. We think we will have more and more requests.

“It’s not a question of giving them comfort or food (many charities will do this later) but simply helping them save their lives by leaving everything behind.

“To understand the situation when a bus leaves the country it can not return, it is a race against time to cram them into any means of transportation you find. We are committed to helping them block any truck / bus / car they come across to help them escape.

The Jewish Press covered this story with an update: “The children, led by Chabad-Lubavitch emissary to Zhytomyr and western Ukraine, Rabbi Shlomo Vilhelm, arrived safely in Israel this weekend.

Here is the Hebrew-language version of the report.


צפו בסרטון המצמרר | יהודים בורחים בעקבות אוקראינים שהכו אותם

ידידיה כהן, 0404 

06/03/2022 15:34 



עמותת לב לילד הצליחו לצאת למבצע של הרגע האחרון בשיתוף רשויות לפינוי כ-500 יהודים מעיירה קטנה באוקראינה ושמה ז’יטומיר.

חברי העמותה מסרו כי היהודים במקום בורחים דווקא בגלל מקומיים שפנו נגדם: “בעיירה זו וסביבתה מתגוררים קהילה גדולה ובית ילדים ויתומים בניהול חב”ד ולב ליילד. הילדים עזבו כולם והם נמצאים ברומניה בבתי מלון או בישראל. ביום חמישי החלו האוקראינים שעבדו בבית היתומים לבזוז ולהכות את יהודי המקום, השלטונות האוקראינים התקשרו לחב”ד ואמרו להם שעליהם לעזוב בדחיפות כדי להציל את חייהם.

בין חמישי לשישי המצב הידרדר, מאות משפחות יהודיות מצאו את עצמן מוטרדות ומוכות על ידי אוקראינים במקום, הצלחנו לשכור אוטובוסים ומכוניות כדי לפנות אותם בדחיפות לרומניה שם המתינו להם הישראלים.

קיבלנו טלפון בשעה 06:00 הבוקר (ראשון), בבקשה לעזרה שוב מכיוון שיותר ויותר משפחות מגיעות קדימה כדי להשאיר הכל מאחור ולהציל את חייהם. לא רק בגלל ההפצצות אלא גם בגלל המקומיים שפונים נגדם. אנחנו חושבים שיהיו לנו עוד ועוד בקשות.

זו לא שאלה של לתת להם נחמה או אוכל (עמותות רבות יעשו זאת מאוחר יותר) אבל פשוט לעזור להם להציל את חייהם על ידי השארת הכל מאחוריהם.

כדי להבין את המצב כשאוטובוס יוצא מהארץ הוא לא יכול לחזור, זה מרוץ נגד הזמן לדחוס אותם לכל אמצעי תחבורה שתמצא. אנו מחויבים לעזור להם לחסום כל משאית/אוטובוס/מכונית שמגיעים לידיהם כדי לעזור להם להימלט”.>>


Sadigerer Rebbe greeting Rabbi Wilhelm on arrival to Israel with the refugees, March 7, 2022.

Coverage of Rabbi Wilhelm celebrating Purim in Israel with the refugees.


By Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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