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Azov Is Tomorrow’s Al-Qaeda

Transcript here:

We do not want to be fighting the same extremists we helped to create, however peripherally or inadvertently.

  • 2010: Then-Secretary of State Clinton: We created jihadis out of the Pakistanis we trained to fight Russia.
  • 2019: FBI Director Christopher Wray warns about American far-right extremists going to Ukraine to train with the Azov Battalion.
  • 2022: The U.S. is backing Ukraine in a fairly straightforward conflict with Russia wherein Russia states it wants to remove security threats from its borders, a threat which comes from a “Nazified” Ukraine.

Importantly, Azov is not an independent group. In 2020, writing at The Atlantic Council, Anton Shekhovtsov states that Azov “is an integral part of official structures and that it follows orders given by the Interior Ministry.”

He admits that “Azov’s history is rooted in a volunteer battalion formed by the leadership of a neo-Nazi group called ‘Patriot of Ukraine’ in spring 2014 — the same year as the Revolution.

(He then tries to minimize the group’s influence by saying that its “toxic” leaders broke off to form an extremist rightwing party with no representation in Parliament.)


By Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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