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Survivor Poem (Author Unknown)

Via Emma Pietrzak/Telegram 2/23/2022.

Lost and alone with all my fears.

Alone and lost trying to fight back all of my tears.

The face of my abuser forever etched in my brain.

Many years later I can still feel the pain.

Lost and alone with nowhere to cry.

Alone and lost I was left with this guy.

Lost in fear and I wipe away the tear.

As his hand slides up my thigh.

Why oh why can’t I just die?

The touch of his hand and no fear of guilt.

Just shows me the way he was built.

Nobody heard me or nobody cared.

All the lonely nights I spent scared.

My head lowered down I’m such a disgrace and today I can’t remember his face.

You stole my innocence from me without my consent.

Why won’t you tell me why this is how it went?

You worked so hard to erase me.

But in the end you had to stand up and face me.

I used to be consumed with hate.

But for some unknown reason you determined this was my fate.

Many years later I have forgiven you. I can now smile and you need to know what you did to me was very vile.





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