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Bait Russia

The US accuses Russia of planning a false flag operation to justify an invasion of Ukraine.

This is an evidence-free claim.

As the contrarian in the classic Wendy’s commercial said: “Where’s the beef?”

Some people on Twitter say the US is projecting.

“Just like the false flag incident that we all know the U.S. will initiate through its vassal forces in Ukraine to try and bait the Russians, the U.S. is the master of disinformation. It has a huge state apparatus buttress with the U.S. corporate press.”

– Ajamu Baraka 2/13/2022

“Biden and the European Union gang want to create a false flag for Ukraine, fearing the massive demonstrations in Canada, the US and now Europe. They are trying to hide the massive demonstrations with this false flag.”

“Is the @POTUS admin and @jakejsullivan planning another false flag to start a war to cover up for their 2014 coup in Ukraine?”


Americans, unsurprisingly, do not trust the Biden Administration on this issue.

By Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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