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The ADL Supports Law Prohibiting The Practice Of Judaism

The ADL—while pretending to support Jewish people—fights AGAINST protecting Jewish religious freedom.

Current U.S. law permits laws that seem “neutral” but which have the effect of prohibiting essential Jewish observance, including:

  • Circumcision
  • Kosher slaughter
  • Yarmulkes
  • Shabbat eruv*

When the opportunity arose to reverse that law, the ADL, incredibly, stepped up and filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court that sided AGAINST Jews.

They wrote:

“The organizations submitting this amicus brief, led by ADL (Anti‐Defamation League), are strong advocates for religious freedom. They are also strong advocates for the fair, just, and equal treatment of all. They believe that the First Amendment is a shield which protects religious belief and practice, not a sword allowing religion to thwart the rights of third parties and undermine the protection of a city’s anti‐ discrimination laws.”

“The exemption demanded by Petitioners would have dire public policy consequences. It would open the door to a wide variety of demands for religious‐based exceptions to the enforcement of anti‐discrimination laws.”

But being “discriminatory” is inherent to the observance of Judaism, which the ADL purports to defend. Some practices are allowed and some are not. That is the essence of faith.

From a branding perspective, the ADL has co-opted Jewish identity while fundamentally opposing those Jews who observe the Torah.

The ADL It is not about Jews. It is a secular leftist political group.

Under the ADL’s beliefs, Jews would have to affirmatively prove that a “neutral” law is in fact antisemitic. This is a very high burden of proof.

From the Heritage Foundation:

“Employment Division v. Smith [which supports ‘neutral’ law discriminatory against a religion] is problematic from a constitutional perspective—but for Judaism, it is disastrous from a practical perspective.

“However, the leading organization that fights antisemitism, the Anti-Defamation League, has vigorously defended Smith for decades.

“In Fulton, the ADL urged the Court to maintain Smith.”

*”a ritual halakhic enclosure made for the purpose of allowing activities which are normally prohibited on Shabbat…specifically: carrying objects from a private domain to a semi-public domain” — Wikipedia

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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