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BREAKING: Illegal Immigrants, Midnight Dumps, DHS & Army Commandeered

Source: Fox and Friends, 1/27/2022. Excerpt:

Comment – Steve Doocy (Host):

“Back in August [2021] we discovered there was a secret flight or several of them that were dropped down in Westchester carrying these illegal immigrants. And what we have found now, through a Freedom Of Information Act [request] we have found the bodycam video from one of the police officers that arrived there on the scene who was in charge of security, all these police officers wearing the body cam and they found all these contractors there that were told, ‘You need to keep this a secret.’”

“And the police officers said, ”We’re the ones in charge of the airport security, we don’t know anything about this, right, we don’t know anything about you, we don’t know about anything about the people on the plane.

“….the body cam is of police officer Sergeant Michael Hembroski with the Westchester Police, and he was doing his job, it’s like ‘You’re here,” he said to these uh government contractors from MVM Inc. which is a private security firm, major contractor for the CIA and the NSA, they signed a $136 million dollar contract with the federal government to do what we’re seeing right here.

“But to that police officer he didn’t know what they were doing because he asked for ID, they said, ‘Uh we can’t give you our company ID I can show you my state ID because we’ve been told no pictures.’ ‘By who?’ ‘Well by the Department of Homeland Security and by the U.S. Army.’

“Anyway, here’s some of the frustration of the cop just trying to figure out who’s on this plane and who are all these people.”

Comment – Brian Kilmeade (Host):

“In fact the pilot goes on to say, ‘I didn’t even know where I was going until I was in the air.’ And why Westchester when LaGuardia and JFK are available? because Westchester is out of the way, it doesn’t have a lot of scrutiny.”

“I heard about MacArthur Airport out on Long Island, a small place in Suffolk County that not many people go to or know about, that’s where I hear that’s happening at midnight, and this is this to me is a is a five-alarm fire and an exposure of illegal activity conducted at the highest level of our government, it’s a 51 minute video.”

Comment – Ainsley Earhardt (Host):

“Some of the things that stood out to me: ‘Can I give you my state ID but work ID’s we’re not allowed to.

“And then the police officer says, ‘I’m just trying to figure out what’s what what, who’s who, and how I’m supposed to keep this secure.’

“And then one of the contractors says, ‘We’re not allowed to have our picture taken when we get on base. The officer says, ‘Un-effing-believable, and who’s that by, DHS?’

“‘Yes,’ the officer or the contractor said, ‘and the United States Army. You’re on a federal installation but DHS wants everything on the download, down low.

“And another contractor says a lot of this is just down low stuff that we don’t tell people, because we don’t want to we don’t want to cause attention we don’t want the media.”

Excerpt of Body Cam Footage

“Are you trying to figure out what this is?”

“Yeah, you know you’re on a secure facility here and we don’t really know anything we’re in charge of security, so that’s hence where we’re having a problem here.

“We’re hanging out here on the tarmac like that, I used to pick up a basketball team that had more security.”

“Yeah and very easily you know few people could just go that way.”

Posted by Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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