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What Is “The Cult” Q Refers To?

“How were they ‘adopted’ into the cult (as children). What were they provided for obeying and staying silent (brainwashed)? All that you know to be right is wrong. The ‘cult’ runs the world. Fantasy land. The world is fighting back (& destroying the cult). 20% public. 80% private. The world would otherwise collapse. 40,000ft. v. (again) and need to decrease altitude to avoid ‘conspiracy’ label. Was necessary. GODFATHER III. For God & Country. Q”

Post 189, November 22, 2017
  • Q has identified as the core threat we face a deadly cult which operates behind the scenes.
  • From a Jewish perspective, I believe this cult to be Biblically rooted and to go back to the Baal/Moloch cults of ancient times.
  • The key belief of the cult is that it can perform magick/occult rituals (or use science/technology/horrific human experiments) to obtain power on the level of God, without having to serve God.
  • The cult is not comprised of a specific religion. Anyone who participates in its practices is rebelling against God and in that sense they are “satanic.”
  • The specific roles and names associated with the cult are still unclear to me, but I do know that the cult is linked to the Nazis; that the Nazis were brought here to the U.S. after World War II to continue their occult practices and experiments; and that their influence continually expanded and affects Hollywood, the media and politics.
  • The proof of the cult’s existence is that we (the royal “we,” meaning people around the world) are forced to absorb the same basic belief system and practices whether or not they make sense, and if we resist, we are removed from the conversation.

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By Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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